Add a Decorative Piece of Holiday Decor that will help make Your Home Feel more like Winter with a Vintage Handmade Wood Snow Sled Decoration. I offer Large, Old, Antique Style Snow Sleds Decorations Hand Carved by Authentic Amish Craftsman for Sale.

 During the winter and the holidays you want your home and its decor to feel festive and reflect the season. Nothing says snow, winter and Christmas like an old antique wooden snow sled. Vintage hand carved wooden snow sleds are one of the most easily recognizable symbols of winter, and make unique seasonal decorations. They are able to be used and look great in any room of the home, instantly creating warm feelings of winter and Christmas. Large handmade decorative wood sled’s antique vintage look never goes out of style and is perfect for the holidays, regardless of the rest of your home’s decor. If you have a winter home or cabin, old antique style wooden snow sled decorations look great year round.

When purchasing a large wooden snow sled, for your home’s winter or Christmas decor, you want to purchase a sled with a vintage antique style look. It is the old vintage look that makes these old sleds unique and decorative. However, finding hand carved antique wooden sleds can be very difficult and very expensive. Real antique snow sleds, if you can find one for sale, are not cheap and new ones do not have the old vintage look that makes them decorative. Handmade Amish wooden snow sleds are the perfect winter and Christmas decoration. Large Amish sleds are hand carved using the same vintage tools and techniques as old antique snow sleds, giving them an authentic old look. Handmade Amish wooden snow sled decorations look the same as antique sleds, but you can actually find them and they are much more affordable.   

Vintage hand carved Amish wooden sled decorations may look like authentic antiques, but they are not, they are new. Taking out and putting away large Christmas decorations can be tough and vintage antique wood sleds are not certainly not small or light. It is very easy to accidently bump them against things. Antiques snow sleds, no matter how well they have been taken care of, are old and often break. Unlike real antique snow sleds, that are old, brittle and break easily, large handmade Amish Christmas sled decorations are hand carved by some of the best carpenters in the world, are sturdy and will last season after season. Amish vintage antique style wooden snow sleds, besides making great Christmas decorations, also make amazing gift ideas and conversation pieces.  

At my online handmade Amish products and decor store I offer authentic hand carved old school wooden snow sled decorations, perfect for Christmas and winter. The vintage antique style wooden sleds I have for sale are handmade by an Amish craftsman, here in Northern Ohio. The rustic, decorative snow sleds, are hand carved from either over 100 year old reclaimed barn wood or unfinished wood that has been slightly weathered to give it an authentic vintage antique look. These large decorative old style sleds are for decoration only and do not have metal rails. This makes them safer, easy to move and decorate with that real antique wooden snow sleds, and helps keep their cost down. If you have any questions about the wooden, hand carved, vintage, antique style, Amish snow sleds we have for sale, or need any help finding the best handmade Christmas decorations for your home, please let me know and I will be happy to help.   

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