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Make Your outdoor Living Spaces more Comfortable and Create an Atmosphere you Enjoy, with Authentic and Affordable Amish made Wooden Deck, Patio, Lawn and Garden Furniture. I offer Rustic Handmade Ohio Amish Unfinished Outdoor Accent Furniture for Decks, Patios, Lawns and Gardens in a Variety of Vintage Country Styles, at Cheap Online Sales Prices.


Your outdoor living spaces such as your deck, patio, yard and garden are important parts of your home. They are used by you, your friends and your family to relax and unwind. They are also seen by guests, passersby and play a large role in your home’s curb appeal. These are just a few of the reasons why it is important to have comfortable outdoor living spaces reflective of your vintage country style. In order to create a relaxed vintage country atmosphere and provide comfortable places to enjoy your deck, patio, yard and garden requires quality well built outdoor deck, patio, lawn and garden furniture. Outdoor furniture can be used for both function as well decorative accents. Whether looking to add comfort and usability or a decorative country accent, it is amazing what a well placed quality piece of rustic handmade Amish wooden outdoor furniture can do for a deck, patio, yard or garden.

When purchasing outdoor furniture it is important that it is well built and made to last outside. It is also important that it creates the vintage country atmosphere you want. Most outdoor furniture stores are full cheap plastic, resin, thin wood and other cheap low quality pieces of patio furniture that are mass produced overseas. Not only does this type of garden accent furniture look cheap, it also doesn’t last and certainly doesn’t have the primitive handmade rustic or vintage country look you want. This is why unfinished wooden deck, patio, yard and garden furniture for sale, are such great choices. Quality handmade wooden Ohio Amish outdoor furniture lasts with very little maintenance and has the vintage country look you want. Unlike other pieces quality wood outdoor furniture for sale, handmade Amish unfinished deck, patio, yard and garden furniture is extremely affordable. Whether you are looking for affordable accent furniture or focal points there are handmade wooden country style Amish pieces that are cheaper than you may think and are perfect for your outdoor living spaces.

 The Ohio Amish are known as some of the best wood workers in the world. Due to their religious beliefs the Amish do not use electricity or power tools. This means that every piece of Amish outdoor deck, patio, lawn and garden furniture is made by a highly skilled craftsman using only primitive hand tools. Most Amish children stop attending school in the 8th grade to start helping in the fields or family business. However, Amish children start learning the family craft at a very young age, so they are able to start contributing right away. By the time Amish woodworkers turn 13 they are already master carpenters / wood furniture makers. Rustic unfinished Amish outdoor furniture comes for sale in a variety of both simple and decorative styles, including traditional Victorian, country and cottage to name a few. Different Amish families and communities become known for their own unique decorative accents, special techniques and distinguishing touches. No matter what style of country outdoor furniture you like or whether you are shopping for your patio, deck, yard or garden there are unique and affordable pieces of rustic handmade Amish wooden outdoor furniture at cheap online sales prices that are perfect.

One other very appealing thing about simple Shaker and other decorative styles of rustic handmade Amish patio furniture is no one piece is identical to another. Each piece of authentic Ohio Amish outdoor furniture for sale is handmade, so it isn’t possible to be the same as any other. The Amish also put great care into the selecting each and every piece of wood they use, because each piece of wood has its own unique grain. During the outdoor patio, deck, yard or garden accent furniture making process the Amish pay great attention to the details of the wood. Each piece of wood is hand-selected to match for that piece of furniture and achieve the desired look. Real handmade Ohio Amish furniture is also valued for its sustainability and is considered a green product. Amish woodworkers pride themselves in their work and view their simple shaker, decorative traditional, rustic, country and other completed pieces of outdoor furniture as art and furnishings that will be used and lived in for generations.

We offer a great selection of authentic Ohio Amish made primitive unfinished wooden outdoor country furniture in a variety of simple shaker and decorative styles and types, at the best discount sale prices possible. Whether you are shopping for your deck, patio, yard or garden, are looking for something decorative or more of simple shaker style, I have the best rustic handmade Amish outdoor furniture and make affordable for you to buy. We have established relationships with the Amish community here in Northern Ohio and are close friends with many of the Amish families that hand make these amazing products. These relationships are what allow us to offer the authentic handmade Ohio Amish country style garden furniture for sale in our Online Store and why you will not be able to find most of it anywhere else. Being an online store and having direct relationships with the Amish craftsman that hand make our unique and decorative outdoor accent furniture allows us to keep our costs and overhead low. These savings are passed to you allowing us to offer the best Ohio Amish built rustic outdoor patio furniture at everyday discount prices. You will be amazed at our everyday cheap sales prices. And don’t let them to fool you into thinking that these pieces are less than what they are. Each and every piece of country patio furniture for sale in my online stores is an authentic piece of solid handmade Ohio Amish furniture, made from real unfinished wood. If you have any questions about our affordable rustic handmade Amish outdoor lawn, garden, deck or patio furniture please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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