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Make Moving Flowers, Plants, Lawn and Garden Tools or Farm Equipment Easy and Add a Vintage Rustic Piece of Yard Art with Wooden Utility Storage Carts and Rolling Hay Wagons. We offer Functional and Decorative Amish Made Heavy Duty Garden Hand Carts, Vintage Wheelbarrows and Replacement Wooden Wagon Wheels on Sale.

There is nothing better than a beautifully cared for yard, garden and lawn. The same can be said for a farm. Whether working to improve your flower garden, add decorations to your yard, care for your lawn or maintain a farm requires hard work, the proper tools and the ability to move things from one place to another. Rolling wooden hand storage carts and wheelbarrows have been used by farmers, home owners and the Amish to help maintain their gardens, yards and farms for centuries.

Wooden garden wheelbarrows and farm storage carts are also often referred to as hay wagons make it easy to move flowers, plants, yard and farming tools and whatever else you need to where you need it. Their vintage simple design is just as effective today as they have ever been.   Vintage wooden farm style utility hay carts and rustic yard wagons also make decorative pieces of lawn art when they are not being used.

When purchasing utility storage cart whether as farm hay wagon, decorative piece of yard art or as a garden wheelbarrow it is important that it is heavy duty, well made and will last. The utility lawn or garden cart is going to be used to transport heavy tools, flowers, plants, dirt, hay, farm equipment and anything else so has to be durable and heavy duty enough to support it. It also has to have strong wheels and tires that roll easily over the lawn or farm. Because the garden wagon is going to be used and typically stored outdoors it and its wheels also have to be able to withstand the elements.

Cheap non USA made utility farm carts, wooden hay wagons, and garden wheelbarrows made from low quality materials break at the worst times, make transporting yard tools, flowers, plants and other farm equipment more difficult than it needs to be and end up costing you more money in the long run. Modern metal wheelbarrows and storage hand carts are heavy duty utility garden wagons that will last and will not have any problem transporting flowers, lawn tools and other farm equipment. However, they are also ugly and do not provide the vintage country style look of their rustic wooden counterparts.

The Amish are most well known for their wood working and farming skills. Their wooden hay wagons and vintage garden hand storage carts are some of the best most heavy duty wood wheelbarrows ever made. They have been using these vintage wooden utility garden wagons on their farms for centuries.  They are strong, well made, will last and make decorative country pieces of yard art when they are not being used. Their wooden utility lawn and garden rolling hand carts also have wooden wheels that are extremely durable and roll right over anything. They are designed to be able to roll on their wheels easily without much effort. This makes moving flowers, plants, lawn and garden tools and farm equipment as easy as possible.

Here we offer a great selection of heavy duty Amish made yard carts, wooden hay wagons and vintage garden wheelbarrows that are both functional as well as decorative. We also offer a variety of functional and decorative wooden wagon wheels. Whether you are looking to make gardening, farming or caring for your lawn easier and are purchasing your first Amish made rolling utility hand cart, are looking for a rustic decorative piece of unique yard art or need a replacement wooden wagon wheel we have it and make it easy and affordable for you to buy.

All of our wooden garden carts and hay wagon wheels are hand made by members of the authentic Amish community here in Ohio. These decorative and functional Amish farm carts and heavy duty wooden wheelbarrow wheels cannot be found in stores or at other yard and garden sites. If you have any questions about any of our wooden wagon wheels or rolling utility lawn and garden storage carts please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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