Half Gallon Canning Jars

Half Gallon Canning Jars

Half Gallon Canning Jars
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Made In The USA
Wide-Mouth Ball Half-Gallon Canning Jars

Ball has been a trusted name in home canning for many generations.  These classic clear glass jars have preserved literally tons of fruits and vegetables over the past 125 years. A true symbol of America's past, they still work great for today's home canning.
  • Wide mouth
  • All jars include bands and lids
  • use for crafts, decorations and gifts.
  • Storage AOrganizers (art and office sup0plies, coins, buttons, even spices
  • Travel Mug (add a cuppow lid so ou can take your favorite beverage with you.
  • Flower vace (paint them to add your own personal touch)
  • Candle and Tea Light Holder (great for party centerpieces  us a variety of sizes)
  • Lunch Container (transport salads, soups, and leftovers - use with a lunch -In-A-Jar Divider.)
  • Soap Dispenser (add a soap pump)
  • Individual Place Setting Holders (great for aprties, just add a napkin with silverware)
  • Yarn and Ribbon Dispensers (Just make a hole in the lid)
  • Food Gifts (for cookie mixes to ready-to-go-desserts in a jar)
  • Chandelier
  • Used by Amish families
Style may vary

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