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Get Functional Good Looking Wooden Wheels Authentic to the time Period for Replica Carts, Buggies, Carriages, Cannons , Creating Decorative Chandlers or other Home or Garden Decor Accents with Handmade Amish Wagon Wheels. We offer Amish made Large and Small Wood Cart and Wagon Wheels with Wooden Spokes and Steel or Rubber Tires for Sale.

With all the reenactments of past wars becoming so popular and the school drama club doing history for many of their school plays; building replicas of old wagons and cannons has become the thing to do. When building a replica wagon, cart, buggy, carriage or cannon authenticity is everything and is why finding large and small functional wooden wheels with wooden spokes authentic to the time period is so important. Wooden wagon wheels also make great additions to home and garden decor and are becoming more and more popular.  However, finding good quality well made wooden wagon wheels for sale that are both decorative and functional can be next to impossible.  The Old Order Amish are some of the best builders of functional large and small wood wagon and cart wheels as they still use them to this day.

Making and balancing a wooden cart or wagon wheel is skilled work and there is no one better qualified to build one than the Old Order Amish. An Amish wheelwright (or wainwright) knows how to make the best quality wooden wheels; as the safety of their family's lives depends on its quality and durability.  Amish wheels have wooden rims and spokes with rubber or steel tires depending on what the wheel is going to be used for. Their wheels are extremely functional and have the authentic old look you want. Whether you are looking for a functional large or small wooden wagon wheel for a cart, buggy, carriage, cannon or other replica you are building or want a decorative wooden spoked wheel for a chandler or other decor accent a good handmade Amish is wheel for sale is by far the best choice.  

We offer authentic large and small handmade Amish wooden wagon wheels for sale with steel or rubber tires and wooden spokes. The Old Order Amish wheelwrights that hand make our wood wheels from steam bent hickory and are the very best at their trade. This is the reason why our Amish wooden wagon wheels have even been used by Hollywood in many western movies and TV shows. They are perfect for replica cannons, carts, wagons, buggies and carriages, as well as chandlers and other decorative accents. If you are looking for large or small functional buggy, carriage, cart or any other type wooden wheel or size that you don’t find, please contact us and we can get what you need special ordered. If you already have a good wooden spoked wagon wheel that you need rebuilt or restored our Old Order Amish wheelwrights are able to do that as well. If you have any questions about the small or large wooden wheels we have for sale, need one special ordered or an old one worked please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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