Get a Quality Wood or Steel Axel as a Replacement or for your Replica Build, that will last and is Authentic to the Time Period, Buying an Authentic Handmade Amish Wagon Wheel Axle. We offer Stock and Custom Handmade Amish Axles for 2 Wheel Garden Carts, Wagons, Buggies, Replica Cannons & other Builds, at the Best Sales Prices.

Wagon and Cart Axles

Whether building a replica vintage cannon, wagon, buggy or 2 wheel garden cart you need to find wooden wheels and quality axles for sale, authentic to that time period.  You may also have a yard cart, wagon or buggy that needs a replacement axle. Without a quality wood or steel axle your garden cart, replica cannon or vintage wagon and its wheels are pretty much worthless. However, finding these types of quality handmade steel axles for vintage buggies, 2 wheel garden carts, replica cannons and wooden wagon wheels for sale is almost next to impossible. Most of the time they have to be custom ordered. This is extremely expensive, and because vintage handmade steel wagon wheel axles are not something most companies typically make, you do not what you are going to get. The Amish to this day use and hand make the best vintage 2 wheel garden carts, buggies and wood wheel wagons. Because of this they have to also make quality durable wood and steel axles for new garden carts, wagons and buggies as well as replacement axles for broken ones.

Handmade Amish wagon wheel axles are among the best in the world. They have to be, because the Amish rely on their wagons, carts and buggies for their day to day life. Their handmade wood and steel axles are made to withstand heavy daily use. They have been hand making vintage wood and steel axles for buggies, 2 wheel garden carts and wagons for generations.  Perfecting and passing down their wooden wagon wheel and axle making techniques from one generation to the next. When buying an authentic handmade Amish axle you know you are going to get a sturdy well made wagon wheel axle that will last and is the right size for your project or replacement.  The other great thing about buying an authentic handmade Amish wagon, 2 wheel garden cart, replica cannon or buggy axle for sale is you will more often than not save money over custom ordering one from a company that does not have the generations of experience or expertise the Amish wheelwrights have.

At my online Authentic Amish made products and decor store I offer real handmade Amish wood and steel axles for vintage buggies, 2 wheel yard and garden carts and wagons at the best possible sale prices. Whether you are building a replica cannon, buggy, or wagon or need a replacement, we have the best handmade Amish axle for you.  Our wood and steel axles are handmade by the same Ohio Amish wheelwright that makes our amazing wooden wagon wheels. You can choose from the different stock axles we have for sale or custom order one to your exact specifications. If you want a quality axle to replace a broken one, or need one for a build you simply are not going to find better more affordable handmade wood and steel axles for buggy, 2 wheel garden cart or wagons anywhere. If you have any questions about our authentic handmade Amish wagon wheel axles for sale or would like to place a custom order give me a call or send me and email and I will be more than happy to help.   

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