Tobacco Lathe Ladders and Climbing Trellis

Add Decorative Rustic Deck, Patio or Yard Accents While Helping Indoor or Outdoor Plants, Vegetables and Flowers Grow with Vineyard Style Garden Trellis and Wooden Tobacco Lathes. We offer Beautiful Handmade Authentic Amish Trellis and Tobacco Ladders Perfect for Tomatoes, Grapes, Roses and other Plants

Your indoor and outdoor living spaces are important parts of your home that are reflections of your taste and style. The decorative accents you use create the atmosphere and are what makes the house your home. Plants and flowers add life and color both indoors as well as in the garden, deck, patio and other outdoor living spaces. Plants that grow fruit such as grapes and tomatoes are not only are decorative and beautiful but also taste great. Whether being used to help grow and stabilized grape vines, tomato vines, roses or other plants or just being used as decorative piece of decor wooden trellises and tobacco style lathes add a piece of classic rustic both indoors and out.
Wooden trellises and tobacco lathes can be used to help grow and stabilized a variety of plants both indoors and out in the garden. Traditionally they are used for tomato and grape vines as well as roses, but do not have to be. Rustic wooden lathes and vineyard style trellis also look great by themselves on the deck, patio or in the garden. When purchasing a tobacco lathe or wooden trellis whether it is going to be used to help grow tomatoes, grapes, roses or other plants and flowers or are just going to be used as decorative pieces of decor it is important that they are well made and will last, because they are typically going to be used outdoors. Even if they are going to be used to grow plants indoors or have an indoor vegetable/tomato garden you are going to want it to look good, last and be stable enough to support the tomato or other plants vines/flowers vines.
The Amish have been hand making quality wooden tobacco lathes and beautiful vineyard style trellis for hundreds of years. Their tobacco ladders and trellis provide both the support your plants and flowers need as well as add a classic rustic garden or indoor accent. No matter why you are purchasing a tobacco lathe or vineyard style garden trellis you will be proud to own an authentic Amish made plant trellis or beautiful tobacco lather and love telling your friends and neighbors about it.
Here we offer a variety of the best Amish made plant trellis and garden tobacco lathes that can be used as both indoor and outdoor accents as well as be used to grow plants and flowers such as roses, grapes and tomatoes both indoors as well as out. Our garden trellis and rustic tobacco lathes like the rest of our products are 100% authentic Amish made products coming directly from members of the Amish community here in Ohio. It goes without saying you cannot find these beautiful wooden vineyard style trellis or wooden tobacco lathes at other stores on our offline. We are only able to offer them because of the relationship we have established over years and years of working and living next to the Northern Ohio Amish. If you have any questions about our handmade authentic Amish garden tobacco lathes or plant trellis please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.  

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