Bed Quilts - Amish Hand Stitched - Rail Fence

Bed Quilts - Amish Hand Stitched - Rail Fence

Bed Quilts - Amish Hand Stitched - Rail Fence
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Amish Handcrafted Made In The USA!

Amish Quilts - Amish Country Handmade Rail Fence Bed Quilt - Measures - 75" x 90".

Authentic hand stitched patchwork Amish cotton bed quilt for sale with decorative and colorful rail fence design. This unique handmade Ohio Amish quilted cotton blanket's beautiful colors are bright, warm and cozy. Whether used as bedding, a sofa blanket or as piece of country wall hanging home decor this authentic American made patchwork quilt is an amazing piece of rustic country art. This hand quilted Amish wonder took hours upon hours to complete by hand. This decorative colorful Amish quilt will look great in any setting, country or otherwise. Handmade bed quilts and hand-quilted wall hangings are what the Amish country community women are well known for.  The time and effort that is put into every stitch is well worth the money spent to purchase these high quality patchwork cotton quilts.  Our real handmade Ohio Amish quilts will last for many years, can be left as heirlooms for your loved ones and are on sale here at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

  • Large 75" x 90" Handmade Amish Quilt Blanket
  • Hand-Stitched Cotton Patchwork Decorative Rail Fence Pattern
  • Bedspread, Blanket or Decorative Wall Hanging
  • Ohio Amish Made in the USA

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