Picnic Baskets

Make Carrying Food, Wine and Utensils while Traveling to a Romantic Picnic, Tailgating Party or other Social Occasion Easy with a Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket. At our Handmade Amish Store you can buy Large Deluxe Picnic Baskets and Classic Small Empty Wicker and Wood Picnic Baskets with an Elegant Old Fashioned Look

There is nothing like a nice lunch or romantic picnic outside on a nice day.  Whether at a park, on a hike, in the backyard or sitting at a picnic table with friends and family enjoying a meal outdoors is a fun and relatively cheap way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon. Empty old fashion large and small wicker picnic baskets with wooden bottoms and lids allow you to easily pack and carry all of the food, wine, utensils and other picnic items you need while traveling, going to a tailgating party or to enjoy an elegant meal outdoors.

 When most of us think of vintage old fashion empty picnic baskets, we think of using it only for classic picnics to carrying food and utensils. In reality, there are many more uses and times you can utilize a large or small old fashion wicker picnic basket. Vintage empty wicker picnic baskets with wooden bottom and lids are great for transporting your favorite dishes such as casseroles and pies to housewarming parties. They can also carry needle work, wine or anything else you need to take with you to social events you need to travel to attend. It doesn’t have to be a classic picnic to use your elegant old fashioned deluxe wicker basket; it can be a family reunion, tailgating party, church carry in dinner, or just a surprise romantic picnic on your patio with your significant other.

When buying a large or small empty picnic basket, it is important to purchase a vintage deluxe wicker basket that is easy to carry and will last. Cheap picnic baskets are cheap for a reason. They are never handmade and use cheap low quality materials that do not last. With so many cheaply made old fashioned and elegant looking wooden and wicker picnic baskets flooding the American market from other countries, it is hard to find a well made deluxe picnic baskets that will fit in a family budget and be of good quality.  Handmade old fashioned Amish wicker picnic baskets with wood bottoms and lids are some of the best vintage picnic baskets you can. The Amish have been hand making classic large and small deluxe picnic baskets for generations that are elegant have a vintage old fashioned look and will last.   

The Amish community’s old fashioned basket weaving talents far exceeds any that you will find at your local mall or craft store. It has to be, because many of the Amish use their income from wicker basket weaving to keep food on their tables. The Amish picnic basket weavers make many varieties of sizes and classic shapes. Whether you are looking to buy a small empty picnic basket for romantic picnics of two or a large deluxe picnic basket with wooden dividers there vintage old fashioned Amish basket perfect for you.  If you enjoy an elegant bottle of wine with your romantic picnics you can choose a taller Amish picnic basket to fit your wine bottle and still have plenty of room for utensils and food. You may be able to find cheaper large and small picnic baskets, but you won’t be able to find better quality classic wicker picnic baskets with wood bottoms and lids for less than an old fashion handmade Amish basket.  

At our online Amish products store we offer an elegant selection of deluxe handmade old fashioned wicker picnic baskets with wood lids and bottoms for sale at cheap discount prices. Whether you want to buy a large deluxe basket with wood dividers, a tall wine carrying basket or a vintage small empty basket for romantic picnics of two we have the perfect vintage basket for you on sale at cheap discount price you can afford.  You also get to choose your own elegant accent color to create your own one of kind old fashioned basket. If you have any questions about any of the classic handmade Amish wood and wicker picnic baskets we have for sale or need any help finding the perfect vintage basket for you please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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