Pen & Pencil Holding Baskets

Always have a Working Pen, Pencil or Marker Handy and Keep Desks Organized with Vintage Pencil and Pen Holders. We offer Tall, Handmade, Amish Wicker Pen and Pencil Baskets, with Large Square Wood Bottoms and Your Choice of Unique and Decorative Accent Colors, at the Best Sales Prices.

We all have and use pencils and pens regularly. There is nothing worse than needing a pen or pencil and not being able to find one, or for a large drawer to be a full of pens, pencils and markers that don’t work.  Tall desktop pen and pencil holders are the best way to keep your pencils and pens organized and handy. Square desk top pencil holders keep drawers organized and prevent you from having to search for a pen that works. However, most pen holders are pretty boring and un-unique. Whether going on your desk at work or at home you want a pen and pencil holder to be decorative.  Besides being used to keep your pens, markers and pencils organized and handy, vintage handmade pencil baskets with wood bottoms are unique and add a decorative accent to your desk.

When purchasing a desktop basket for your pens, pencils and markers besides being unique and decorative it also best to purchase one that is tall, and has a fairly large square wood bottom. When your desk’s pen and pencil organizer is not very tall it is easy to bump your pens, pencils and markers knocking them out of the holder. Tall desktop organizers leave very little of the pens and pencils exposed making it difficult to accidentally knock them over, and make a mess. Large square wood bottoms make baskets sturdier, and difficult to knock over spilling all the markers, pens and pencils. It is also a good idea to purchase a quality handmade pen and pencil basket holder with a solid wood bottom that will last. Cheap low quality wicker baskets are cheap for a reason. The wicker is often very thin and not hand woven. This makes it easy to accidentally punch holes through it with pens and pencils that are getting put away as well as for the wicker to come apart.
The Amish are well known for their high quality, unique and decorative handmade wicker baskets. Vintage handmade Amish wicker pen and pencil holding baskets are some of the best desktop organizers you can buy. Each tall pencil and pen holder is hand woven by a skilled Amish basket weaver, whose skills have been honed by years of practice and expert instruction that has been passed down from one generation to the next. They also have large square wood bottoms that will last and keep the basket sturdy. Besides handmade Amish desktop marker, pen and pencil holders being tall, decorative, having solid wood bottoms and hand woven wicker they also make unique conversation pieces.

At our online Amish made products and decor store we offer the best selection of vintage handmade Amish desktop pencil and pen organizers. All of the unique pen, pencil and marker holders we have for sale have been hand woven by an authentic member of the Amish community, here in Northern Ohio. The tall and square pen and pencil holders we have for sale are all hand woven wicker baskets with large wood bottoms. A few have wooden dividers if you like to keep pens, pencils and markers organized separately. Like all of our authentic hand woven Amish wicker baskets for sale, our tall desk top pencil and pen holders come in your choice of unique and decorative accent color. If you have any questions about our vintage handmade Amish pen and pencil baskets or need help finding the best one for your desk please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help. 

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