Buy Decorative Birdhouses that Accents Your Beach Themed Garden Decor, Buying Wooden Handmade Amish Nautical Birdhouses and Coastal Backyard Feeders. I offer Wood Carved Amish Lighthouse Birdhouses and other Nautical Beach Themed Houses & Wild Bird Feeders, at the best Sales Prices

Backyard birdhouse and garden feeders are of course great ways to attract wild birds to your outdoor living spaces and are relied for the survival of many species of North American wild birds. However, birdhouses and feeders also become part of your garden or other outdoor living space’s decor. This is why it is a good idea to buy quality handmade wood birdhouses and feeders for sale that are decorative and accent your outdoor decor. If you have a beach house, rustic coastal cottage or just enjoy beach themed decor, nautical birdhouses and backyard feeders are a great choice. Nautical birdhouses and beach themed feeders come in variety of classic coastal symbols such as decorative lighthouses, ships and rustic nautical moons. The best handmade Amish nautical backyard birdhouses and beach themed wild bird feeders, such as a rustic, hand carved and painted wooden lighthouses, really look great with any style of outdoor garden decor, and provide excellent shelter and safe feeding for wild birds.

When purchasing nautical birdhouses and feeders, besides looking like a lighthouse or other beach themed symbol, it is also important that it is well made and will last. Most garden decor stores carry a very limited selection of lighthouse birdhouses or other nautical beach themed houses or bird feeders for sale. The coastal themed painted wild bird feeders and houses they do carry are almost always plastic or resin and mass produced overseas. These cheap plastic and resin lighthouse birdhouses and nautical backyard feeders may look like wood, but they are not. Unlike real handmade wooden Amish nautical birdhouses and feeders for sale, cheap plastic and resin lighthouse bird feeders and houses start to fade and crack over time. This not only doesn’t look very good, but also prevents them from providing the food and shelter wild birds need to stay in your backyard or garden. The best handmade Amish lighthouses and other nautical beach themed wooden birdhouses and rustic hand painted wild bird feeders may cost a bit more upfront, but have the rustic look you want and will last. They also make really great gift ideas.  The painted lighthouses and a few of the other nautical beached themed birdhouses and feeders for sale above can also be used as unique and decorative indoor coastal themed decor.

The Amish craftsman that hand carve and paint these rustic nautical birdhouses and feeders, are amazing artists and highly skilled wood workers. Most Amish children, (including the Amish men that hand carve these painted coastal lighthouses and other beached themed birdhouses and wooden backyard feeders) stop going to school after the 8th grade to start working full time on the family farm or business. Most Amish wood working families start teaching their children their primitive wood working techniques at a very early age.  Due to their religious beliefs the Amish do not use electricity or electric power tools of any kind. This means that each and every nautical lighthouse and other rustic Amish birdhouse and feeder for sale here, or anywhere else was handmade. They are carved from real pine, cedar or reclaimed barnwood using only primitive hand tools and left unfinished or hand painted. When you buy a nautical lighthouse or other beach themed handmade Amish birdhouse or feeder for sale, you are getting a truly unique and one of kind piece of outdoor garden decor, instead of boring mass produced cheap piece of plastic.  

At my website I offer a great selection of authentic handmade Amish nautical birdhouses and rustic beach themed wild bird feeders, at the best online sales prices. All of the wood lighthouses and other coastal birdhouses and backyard feeders for sale here are handmade and painted by any authentic member of the Amish community here, in Northern Ohio. Whether you are looking for a wooden lighthouse birdhouse or some other classic beach themed symbol, I have the best handmade Amish coastal birdhouse or feeder for your backyard, garden or other outdoor living space. Authentic high quality rustic handmade Amish nautical bird feeders and houses are never cheap, especially when compared to the mass produced plastic and resin products for sale in most outdoor garden decor stores. However, being an online based store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional brick and mortar stores. I also work directly with the Amish craftsman that hand make these decorative and artistic nautical birdhouse and backyard feeders. These savings are passed directly to you, making it easy and affordable for you to buy and the best handmade Amish wooden lighthouse birdhouse or other nautical beach themed house or coastal wild bird feeder.

If you have any questions about the painted hand carved wooden lighthouses or the other nautical birdhouse or rustic backyard wild bird feeders we have for sale, please give us a call or send us and email and we will be happy to help. 

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