Country Decor - Medium Oak Crate

Country Decor - Medium Oak Crate

Country Decor - Medium Oak Crate
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Amish Handmade in the USA
Country Decor - Medium Oak Crate - Size - 15" X 11" X 8.5"

Medium oak crate handmade by the old order amish woodcrafters. This is great for college students, any type of crafts, Christmas décor, or anything that you would use a tote for.  This Real Oak wooden Ohio Amish American made crate will outlast any plastic crate or tote that you can purchase in any store.

Note: The Medium oak crate is the medium crate at the bottom left of the product image, which shows all three box sizes. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Medium Wooden Crate 
  • Measures: 15" X 11" X 8.5"
  • Real Solid Oak 
  • Handmade by Ohio Amish Craftsman
  • Great for Storage and Decor
  • Can be Purchased in Set of 3
  • Made in America

‚ÄčThis can be purchased in a set of three bellow. The set of three offered is a set of the three different sizes, not three medium crates.

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