Lazy Susans

Keep Crafts, Spices, Desktop Items, Grooming Supplies and Anything Else Organized as well as Make Watering Plants and Passing Food at the Dinner Table Fast and Easy with Round Lazy Susan Turntables. Here we Offer Decorative Heavy Duty Amish Made Wooden Lazy Susan's in Large, Medium and Small Sizes.

When you are trying to complete tasks, at home, in a job outside the home, or just crafts such as scrapbooking; one of the best way to accomplish more in less time is to be well organized before you start.  There is nothing better than to feel you have a “job well done” in a less amount of time and with less confusion.   Not only will this reflect well on a boss in the work place, but on you and your family in the home. 

Decorative heavy duty baskets and large, small and medium size organizers are a great way to keep items neat and tidy. However, most baskets typically have large tall sides that make them difficult to see in and have stationary non turntable bottoms. Lazy Susans turntable baskets and organizers are the perfect baskets to keep small art and craft items, salt, pepper and other large condiments on the tabletop, measuring cups in the cabinet, your desktop items organized and anything else you want to keep organized and accessible. Lazy Susans have small short sides making them easy to see in you don’t have to stand up and look down into the basket to see, and their bottoms spin so you can easily grab whatever you want.

Heavy duty decorative wooden lazy susan turntable baskets come in a variety of small, medium and large sizes to organize a variety of things.  Organizing your kitchen can be completed with ease. Large and medium size heavy duty wooden round lazy susans turntables make your spice cabinet organized easy to find  the spice you are looking for. They are perfect in the center of your dining room or patio tabletop and making passing salt, pepper and other large condiments easy.  Get ready to leave your home for less time and effort by having your makeup and toiletry items arranged in a decorative small round lazy susan.  If you have house plants that need to be in sunlight, make them easy to turn without fear of dropping or damaging the plant by placing it in a large heavy duty decorative wooden lazy susan.  If you enjoy any type of crafts a lazy susan is must. Not only do lazy susan turntable tabletop, desktop and cabinet organizers add a touch of unique handmade décor, it also saves you time and energy.

The Amish have been hand crafting some the best most decorative heavy duty wooden lazy susan turntable baskets and tabletop organizers for generation.  Many of the family depend on their income from the sales to keep food on their tables; so you can be sure they will last for years without needing to be replaced.   Each handmade Amish wooden lazy susan basket is crafted one at a time so it is truly unique and their quality is far above the mass produced cheaply made ones that you find at your local craft stores and mall. 

At our unique and authentic Amish home furnishings and décor store offer a great selection of wooden decorative lazy susan turntable baskets and tabletop organizers available in a variety of large, small and medium sizes. You also have the option of picking two decorative accent colors to match any décor or room that you want to use the lazy susan baskets in.  They come with a full satisfaction guarantee. Once you have owned one of our heavy duty handmade wooden lazy susan turntable desktop/cabinet basket or round table top organizer we are sure you will love it and use it forever. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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