Key Holders & Change Baskets

Never Waist Time Searching for your Car or other Keys Again, Keep Lose Change and other Items Organized with Simple Wall Mounted Key Chain Holders and Wicker Change Baskets. We offer Vintage Handmade Amish Key Ring Holders and Change Basket Organizers for the Home with Wood Bottoms & Wicker Sides in Your Choice of Decorative Accent Colors.


Key Holders & Change Baskets

We all have keys for our car and home. It has happened to us all. You are ready to leave, but cannot find your keys. This is typically, because you do not have place where you always hang them or put them when you get home. They get tossed on a counter, shelf or left in your pockets. Then later when you need your keys you find yourself tearing your home apart and turning pockets inside out looking for them. Decorative wall mounted keychain holders and vintage wicker change baskets make it easy to keep your car keys and other items organized. Key ring holders and wicker change baskets are simple to use, but extremely effective. A wall mounted key chain holder and change basket will ensure you never have to be late, because you couldn’t find your car keys as well provide you place to empty out your pockets and organize their contents at the end of the day.

Your wall mounted key holder and change basket besides being used to keep car keys, change and other items organized is also going to be part of the home’s decor. This is why when purchasing a wooden keychain holder or wicker change baskets it is important to purchase one that will last and looks good. The Amish are some of the best basket weavers in the world. They are famous for their unique and decorative hand woven wicker baskets. The simple wood and wicker wall mounted key ring holders and change baskets are some of the best most decorative vintage key chain and change organizers you can buy. Their simple wood bottoms make them durable while their wicker sides provide a unique and decorative country accent that will never go out of style. Each wooden wall mounted key holder and wicker change basket is handmade one at time to highest standards. Not only will your Amish made key chain holder and wicker change basket be a decorative addition to your home’s decor, last, and keep your car keys, change and other lose items organized they also make unique conversation pieces. You will be proud to tell friends and family about your simple yet extremely unique and decorative Amish made vintage basket organizers.

We offer a great selection of authentic Amish made wall mounted wooden key ring holders and wicker change basket organizers. All of the vintage key chain holders and decorative change baskets we have for sale are hand woven by an authentic member of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio and cannot be found in most other online or offline stores. They also come in your choice of unique accent colors to match the rest of your home’s decor. If you have any questions or need any help finding the perfect hand woven Amish key ring holder or decorative wicker change basket organizer for your home please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. We make it easy and affordable for you to buy the simple wooden wall mounted key chain holder and decorative vintage wicker change baskets you need to help make sure you are never wasting time looking for car keys again or have lose changes and other items unorganized and scattered throughout the home.

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