Birdhouse - Hummingbird Nest House

Birdhouse - Hummingbird Nest House

Birdhouse - Hummingbird Nest House
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Birdhouse - Hummingbird Nest House -
This unique design starter home for Hummingbirds will be a delight for any bird lover. you can enjoy watching a mother-to-be hummingbird build her nest and raise her family from the comfort of your porch, patio or window. You may find the nesting platform "strange" looking. That's because it was designed to please hummingbirds. There has been years of testing to reveal a hummingbird hen's nest site preferences, and this platform has been tailored to her preferences. It is designed for installation in a sheltered area, such as under an eave, inside corner of a porch, etc. Do not place in the wind or near a reflective window. Includes instructions and tips.

This Item is not Amish made, but we had so many inquires for them, we added them to the site.

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