Safely Transport Hot Dishes, Plates and Serving Trays from the Kitchen Oven to the Dinging Table with the Best Hot Food Carriers. We offer Rustic Handmade Amish Hot Food Carrying Baskets with Thick Heat Absorbing Wood Bottoms, Decorative Hand Woven Wicker Sides and Durable Loop Handles to Easily Serve and Carry a Variety of Hot Plates and Dishes.

There are very few things better than a good home cooked meal with friends and family. After cooking the last thing you want is for serving the hot food to be harder than it needs to be. When hot plates and dishes come out of the oven you have to safely transport them to the dining table or kitchen counter if you are going to dish up plates with food and then bring the plates to the table. The only problem with that is you do not know how much food everyone wants and if anyone wants seconds they have to get up, go to the kitchen and get it. You can carry the hot tray to the table with oven mitts and set the hot serving dish on a pad, but this can be dangerous and guests cannot safely pass around the food until the plate has cooled. You can transfer the food from the hot plate onto a decorative serving tray, but you still have to safely transport the dish from the oven to the counter and you dirty a second tray. The best handmade Amish hot dish carriers with handles make it easy to safely transport food from the oven to the table without having to dish the plates up in the kitchen, dirty a second serving tray or have a hot dish on the table you and your guests cannot pass.

Decorative handmade Amish wood and wicker hot dish carriers with handles are simple to use. You simply slide the hot tray or plate directly from the kitchen’s oven into the food carrier, or carry the food from the oven (with hot mitts) and place the hot dish or tray in the wood and wicker carrying basket. The carrier’s handles make it easy to safely carry and pass food while still in its hot cooking tray. Oven mitts can be difficult to get a good a grip with which makes it easy to accidently drop hot plates. The primitive wood bottoms safely absorbs the hot dish’s heat and prevents dining tables, counters, table clothes and other surfaces from getting burned. The best hot food carriers are also decorative and look great on tables. With a rustic wood and wicker hot tray carrying basket you are able to decoratively, safely and easily transport and serve hot food without creating extra work by dirtying serving trays or having to serve your guest from the kitchen.

When purchasing hot food carriers with handles it is important to buy a quality wood and wicker serving basket that will last and is large enough to carry a variety of plates and dishes. Cheap hot tray carriers are cheap for a reason. They are often not very decorative and do not make the best serving trays. They are also typically made from cheap low quality materials that do not absorb heat very well and fall apart quickly. The Amish hand make some of the best most decorative and well made wood and wicker hot food carriers you can buy. The Amish have been hand weaving rustic wood and wicker hot food carrying baskets for generations. Passing down and perfecting their amazing wicker basket weaving techniques. Their hot plate carriers have thick wood bottoms that can safely handle even the hottest dishes. Hand woven wicker sides that will last and durable easy to grab loop handles. Amish hot dish carriers not only make safe and easy to transport and serve hot food they are also extremely decorative and make excellent serving trays and unique conversation pieces.

At my handmade Amish products and decor, store we offer the best wood and wicker hot food carrying baskets. All of the rustic hot tray carriers we offer are handmade by an authentic member of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio. They have solid thick wood bottoms, durable hand woven wicker sides and large easy to carry loop handles. The carries large rectangular shape will fit almost any size dish, plate or tray making it easy for you to serve and transport a variety of hot foods directly from the kitchen oven to the dining table. The Amish family that makes these hot food carriers takes pride in hand making the best, longest lasting and most decorative wood and wicker baskets possible. You simply will not find higher quality food carrying and serving tray baskets anywhere else. Like all of our other handmade Amish wood and wicker baskets our rustic hot plate carriers come in your choice of decorative accent color. This allows you to uniquely match your decorative hot dish carrier/serving tray to your home’s decor. If you have any questions about any of our rustic handmade hot food carrying and serving baskets please let me know and I will be happy to help. 

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