Country Decor - Hickory Wooden Hay Fork 36"

Country Decor - Hickory Wooden Hay Fork 36"

Country Decor - Hickory Wooden Hay Fork 36"
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Amish Handcrafted Made In The USA
Great for your country rustic Decor
Country Decor - Hickory Wooden Hay Rake - Measures - 36" x 5.25" w/3.5" Curve
Wooden Hay Fork. What a great addition to any country rustic Decor, also very functional for turning or lifting hay or as a dung fork. The association with the bounty of the harvest implies good wishes. A hay fork takes about three weeks to make. Starting with a single suitable piece of wood, two cuts are made in one end, equal to the length of the tines. The piece is soaked in hot water, after which wedges are inserted in the cuts, causing the wood to separate into tines. The wood is dried and then the tines are sanded into shape. The fork is re-soaked in hot water and then put in a jig, where it remains for about two weeks to give it its lovely curving shape. Finish sanding follows and a hole is drilled in the handle for hanging. These hay forks are supplied in the natural wood, but may be stained, sealed and polished, or oiled.

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