Add Rustic Art and Decor to your Home or Garden that is Unique, Artistic and Well Made, Buying Decorative Handmade Amish Accents and Primitive Country Accessories.  I offer Authentic Ohio Amish made Primitive Metal and Wood Folk Art Decorations in Vintage Styles including Cabin, Country, Rustic and Traditional, at Discount Online Sales Prices.

Everyone likes to look at things that are unique, decorative and artistic. Joseph Addison once said, “There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.” When you see a piece of art or decor that you like, you know it right away, and enjoy looking at it and the feelings / atmosphere it creates.  This is why we decorate. We want to surround ourselves with art and decorative home and garden accents that we connect with. However, John Kenneth Galbraith once said, “There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.” We all have our different likes and dislikes and enjoy finding decorative accessories for sale that reflect our unique rustic, country, cabin, traditional or other style. Something that is really elegant and beautiful to me may not be to you. Today it seems most home and garden decor stores are full of boring mass produced home and garden accents and un-inspired accessories that look like copied magazine cut outs. If what you think is beautiful is hand carved wood, country decor, rustic metal accents, cabin style accessories, primitive folk art and other unique handmade decorations, shopping at most home and garden decor stores is going to be tough.

Besides being boring and un-unique, even if you find some decorative accents that look kind of rustic or country there will be nothing primitive or handmade about it.  Most of the decorative accents and artistic accessories for sale today are made as quickly and cheaply as possible in overseas factories, from either cheap plastic or some other low quality material, made to look like rustic wood or metal. The home and garden decor stores with real handmade wood and metal decorative country accents and primitive rustic accessories that are unique and artistic are almost always extremely expensive.  Amish folk art and decor was first gained popularity in the 1920’s during the, “American Folk Art Discovery.” Prior to this period most people handmade their own primitive home and garden country accents and decorative cabin style accessories. However, with the advent of the car, electricity and telephone as well as other social factors, people had less time hand make their own primitive wood and metal art and decor, but still wanted unique and decorative home and garden country accents and rustic accessories they connect with. People still wanted primitive folk art decorations that look like something they may have handmade themselves. There is not a better example of American Folk Art than authentic handmade Amish art and decor for sale.

Due to their religious beliefs the Amish do not use electricity and maintain a simple old way of life. This, in part helped lead to their folk art decorations becoming so popular in America. The Amish have the time and patience to hand make beautiful artistic country accents and rustic home and garden accessories and continued to do so after the rest of America got too busy. Most Amish children stop attending school after the 8th grade to help out in the fields or family business. Metal and wood working Amish families often start teaching their children their craft at a very young age, so they are already very skilled craftsmen by the time they start working full time in the family or community shop. Amish families have continued to perfect and pass down their amazing metal and wood working techniques like this for over 100 years.  Primitive Amish folk art, country decor, decorative home and garden accents and vintage cabin style accessories for sale are handmade today, using the same primitive techniques as their fathers and grandfathers did before them. And even though each and every piece of Amish folk art and rustic country decor is handmade from primitive reclaimed barn wood, metal, pine or other natural material are affordable. The Amish live humble, simple lives and do not allow ego to influence the price of their products. 

Primitive handmade Amish art and decor comes for sale in a variety of vintage styles including traditional, country, rustic, cabin and nautical to name a few. Different Amish families and communities are known for their own unique styles. However, all authentic Amish decor and rustic folk art accents for sale are handmade one at time from real wood or metal, using only primitive hand tools. These primitive tools in the hands of skilled Amish craftsman allow details and decorative accents that are unmatched by modern machines. This is also one of the reasons why decorative Amish accents and country accessories have become so popular. Because each piece is handmade, no other pieces will ever be the exact same. When buying an authentic handmade Amish folk art and primitive country accents for your cabin, home or garden you are getting a truly unique and one of a kind piece. It is also easy to find rustic metal and wood Amish art and decor that you like and connect with, because of the variety. If you like quality, handmade metal and wood art and decor with a country, primitive rustic, cabin, traditional or other vintage look, there are Amish decorations and accessories for your home or garden that you will love, and more than likely at relatively cheap discount online sales price you can afford.

At my online primitive home and garden decor store, I offer a great selection of authentic handmade Amish folk art and decorative country accents in a variety or rustic, cabin, traditional and other vintage styles. All of the art and decor I have for sale is handmade by a member of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio from metal, primitive reclaimed barn wood, pine or other natural materials.  No matter what type or style of primitive home and garden accents or rustic country accessories you are looking for, I will have at least one piece of handmade Amish folk art or cabin style decor that you will instantly connect with and will look great or make a great gift. My authentic handmade Amish decorations besides being decorative and making great gifts are also amazing conversation pieces. My vintage Amish decor is split into easy to navigate categories and try to proved high quality images and description for all of my primitive wood and metal Amish products. However, if you do have any questions or would like some additional information about any of our rustic Amish home and garden country accents please email or call and I will be happy to help.

Being an online based store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional home and garden stores. These savings allow me to offer my primitive handmade metal and wood Amish country decor accents and decorative accessories at everyday cheap discount sales prices, especially when compared to other rustic handmade art of similar of quality. I am also able to offer affordable shipping, making it easy and affordable for you to own an authentic piece of primitive handmade Ohio Amish folk art decor.

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