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Find a Great Gift or Accent Your Lawn, Backyard, Deck or Patio with Quality Outdoor Accessories, Buying Handmade Amish Garden Art and Rustic Outdoor Decor Products. I offer Unique and Decorative Amish Outdoor Patio, Lawn and Garden Decorations, Handmade from Metal, Pine, Reclaimed Barn Wood and other Natural Materials, in Rustic, Country, Traditional and other Vintage Amish Styles, at the Best Possible Online Sales Prices.

We all want our home’s to have great curb appeal and look good both inside and out. Our outdoor living spaces are the first things guests see when coming over, the first thing you see when coming home and is seen from every window of your home. Your lawn, garden, patio, deck, backyard and other outdoor living spaces greatly impact the overall look and feel of your home. Landscaped Grass, flowers, plants and rocks are important for creating the look you want. However, by themselves without our own unique outdoor decorations and accessories to accent them, make backyards, gardens, lawns, decks, patios and other outdoor living spaces feel boring and generic. To create a unique atmosphere that looks good, is reflective of your personality and the rest of your home’s rustic, vintage country, traditional or other  type of decor requires well placed decorative accents, such as wooden yard art and vintage handmade garden, deck and patio accessories. Rustic handmade Amish outdoor decor is great way to accent front and backyard gardens, plants and flowers, as well as decorate decks, patios and lawns with vintage wood and metal art that looks great and will last outside.

When buying garden art and outdoor decor it is important to find quality accents and decorative accessories that create the atmosphere you want and will last. Most outdoor decor stores are full of cheap, mass produced products, made overseas from cheap low quality plastic or resign. Cheap outdoor art and patio decor made from plastic and resign fade, crack, chip and break quickly and easily. They also look cheap and are in no way unique. Garden art and vintage decorative outdoor accents handmade in the USA by the best Amish craftsman from solid wood and metal, may cost a bit more upfront than their cheap plastic counter parts, but will save you money in the long run not having to replace cheap broken backyard decorations and accessories. Decorating your deck, patio, lawn or garden with rustic handmade Amish metal and wood outdoor decor, will also create the country look you want and accent your front and backyard with unique products that you actually like and are reflective of your style.

Rustic Amish metal yard art and outdoor wooden decor comes for sale in a variety of styles including simple shaker, country, nautical and traditional. Due to their religious beliefs Amish outdoor art and garden decor products are handmade without the use of electric tools. Amish outdoor lawn art and patio decor is handmade by highly skilled craftsman from natural materials such as pine, cedar, vintage reclaimed barn wood and metal, using only primitive hand tools. Amish products, including rustic wood and metal garden accents, first gained popularity in the 1920’s, during the “American Folk Art Discovery”. During this period of time there was a huge increase for the demand of decorative handmade products, such as outdoor accents and garden accessories. Most people no longer had the time to make these decorative products themselves, but wanted unique outdoor decorations for their deck, patio, lawn or garden that were artistic and looked liked something they could have handmade. There are no better examples of rustic American Folk Art than handmade wood and metal Amish outdoor art and country garden decor. Sense their “discovery” in the 1920’s authentic handmade Amish folk art including front and backyard decorations have gained great respect and value by the public as well as historians and art dealers.

Today, vintage Amish outdoor deck, patio, lawn and rustic backyard garden accessories are handmade one at time by a highly skilled Amish craftsman, using the same primitive wood and metal working tools and techniques as their Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather did before them. Most Amish children stop attending school at the end of the 8th grade to help in the fields, workshops or home.  Amish metal and wood working families commonly start teaching their children their vintage techniques at a very young age, so by the time they finish the 8th grade they are ready to start helping and making their own products. Their amazing wood and metal working skills are passed down like this from one generation to the next. While different Amish communities and families have their own unique rustic, country, nautical, traditional or other style of art and decor they are known for, all Amish craftsmen take great pride in their work and the handmade products they create. Buying authentic handmade Ohio Amish metal and wood outdoor accents and vintage accessories for your deck, patio, lawn and garden, allows you decorate your front and backyard with unique one of kind pieces of American Folk Art that will last and create the rustic, country or traditional look you want. All authentic Amish made products for sale, including their primitive outdoor folk art and rustic garden decor, also make great gift ideas and conversation pieces. Unique and decorative Amish outdoor accessories are the perfect gift for the person that has everything, the historian, folk art collector or anyone who would appreciate high quality handmade accents for their deck, patio, lawn or backyard.

At my online Amish products and decor store, I offer a great selection of authentic handmade Ohio Amish metal and wood outdoor decorations for sale at the best possible prices. My vintage outdoor Amish art and garden decor come is available in variety of styles including rustic, cottage, country and traditional. All of the outdoor decorations for sale on my online store are handmade from rustic cedar, pine, reclaimed barn wood, metal and other natural materials, by an authentic member of the Amish Community, here in Northern Ohio. Because each piece is handmade no one product is ever the exact same as another. With the variety of rustic handmade Amish folk art, decorative outdoor accents and vintage backyard accessories for sale at my online store, I make it easy for you to find the best products for your deck, patio, lawn and garden. The primitive reclaimed barn wood outdoor decor and other handmade Amish garden accents I have for sale, also make wonderful gifts. When you buy one of our vintage traditional, rustic, country or other type of handmade Amish outdoor decor, you are getting a truly unique and one of a kind piece, that you will be proud to own or gift. If you have any questions about any of the handmade metal or wood Amish garden art or outdoor decor for sale in my online store or need any help finding the best decorative country accents and rustic accessories for your deck, patio, backyard or lawn, please let me know and I will be happy to help.  

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