Add Rustic Country Charm and Warmth to Your Home, with a Beautiful Heirloom Quality Handmade Amish Patchwork Cotton Quilt. I offer Authentic Hand Stitched and Homemade Amish Quilt Blankets, Featuring Unique and Colorful Vintage Patterns, at the Best Possible Sales Prices.

We all want our home’s to be comfortable, decorative and inviting. Nothing feels more welcoming or makes a home feel more like a home than vintage country accents. Rustic decor is warm and never goes out of style. One of the first things people think of when thinking of a warm and inviting country home furnishing is an artistic hand stitched country quilt. Quilting, the stitching together of layers of padding and fabric, is believed to date back as far as ancient Egypt. Patchwork quilting is truly an art form. Piecing together and hand sewing all of those different pieces of cotton and fabric to create a single beautiful blanket is extremely time consuming and is a skill that takes years to master. This is the reason why many vintage quilts become family heirlooms. The best handmade Amish cotton quilts for sale feature beautiful colors, unique hand stitched patterns and are very versatile. The best hand stitched and homemade Amish patchwork quilt blankets provide your home with a decorative piece of handmade country art as well as a functional blanket.

When purchasing a patchwork quilt, regardless of the size, type or primary purpose, it is important that it is beautiful, colorful, unique and hand stitched. Cheap quilt blankets for sale are cheap for a reason.  They are never hand stitched and typically feature boring mass produced patterns, that are usually basic and boring or a crazy mess. With rustic cotton patchwork quilts you definitely get what you pay for. The Amish are well known for their beautiful, heirloom quality, homemade and hand stitched country quilts. Vintage handmade Amish patchwork cotton quilt blankets have evolved over the years and do very in style from one community to the next, but in general Amish quilts are colorful and feature beautiful vintage patterns. The Amish tend to move at a slower pace than most, taking their time to do the best they possibly can, and take pride in their work. These are really good attributes when hand sewing cotton patchwork quilts and are some of the reasons why authentic handmade Amish country quilts have become so well known and sot after. Many Amish women help support their families and rely on the sales of their beautiful homemade artistic quilt blankets to put food on the table and keep their families warm during the winter, so they have to be of the highest quality.
The first Amish quilts were handmade from wool or cotton and in one rustic solid color, of brown, blue, rust or black. However, slowly over time some basic piecing and additional colors such as pumpkin, olive green and the occasional dark red were added.  These early homemade Amish patchwork quilts typically featured basic country patterns in the center of solid colored fabric with a single wide border.  Unlike the rest of the population of the time, many vintage Amish wool and cotton quilters used black as an integral part of the blanket. In the hands of these unique Amish quilters this simple receipt brought amazingly beautiful and artistic results. The play of the black against the solid rustic colors created a vibrant, unique and distinctive quilt and showcased the Amish women's amazing hand stitching, embroidery and patchwork quilting skills. In the early twentieth century new brighter colors became available and Amish women began to adapt and add variations to their traditional patterns, creating more unique and artistic complex designs. During World War II many US women found themselves working and spending more time outside of the home. This caused them to turn away from country patchwork quilting, considering it old-fashioned and a waste of time. Amish women however, continued the tradition, perfecting and passing down their vintage homemade patchwork quilting techniques from one generation to the next. Even so the unique art of handmade Amish country quilting might have been reduced to utilitarian craft if it were not for the discovery of beautiful Amish quilt blankets, by the general population, in the 1970’s. Sense then colorful hand stitched Amish quilts are used as the standard for which even the best most artistic quilts are made. Many of the best modern quilters copy and try to use the same vintage techniques and rustic patterns as the Amish. But no matter how much they try to copy them, their cotton patchwork country quilt blankets for sale cannot compare to an authentic hand sewn Amish quilt.

At my Amish products and decor store I offer authentic hand sewn Amish patchwork cotton quilts, for sale in a variety of beautiful colors, patterns, sizes and styles. No matter what size or type of handmade cotton quilt blanket you are looking for, I have an authentic hand stitched Amish patchwork quilt with beautiful colors and artistic patterns that you will love. Our authentic Amish quilts for sale are hand stitched, but a nonelectric sewing machine is used for some of the smaller stitches. The Ohio Amish women that home make these quilts all help each other, spending hours and hours at a time hand quilting these vintage patchwork country blankets together. Watching these amazing women work is like watching an artist create a master piece. It is absolutely beautiful watching these Amish women take all of these different pieces of cotton and work together to create a unique one of kind patchwork quilt. These rustic, handmade, Amish quilt blankets are of the highest quality and really are pieces of vintage country folk art that you will be proud to own. Owning one of these beautiful Amish patchwork quilts is like owning a unique piece of American history. The authentic hand sewn Amish quilt blanket you buy will become treasured heirloom that will get passed down and used from generation to the next.

The amount of time it takes to hand sew and non-electric machine stitch these homemade patchwork quilts is extensive. Hours and hours of work goes into each and every one of the beautiful country cotton quilt blankets I have for sale. Because of the amount of work and time it takes to hand stitch a vintage patchwork quilt blanket, any Amish or other handmade cotton quilt for that matter is not going to be cheap. The Amish however, are humble people.  That coupled with the fact that I am online based business with low overhead, I am able to offer these authentic handmade Amish patchwork quilts with 

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