Own quality Solid Pieces of Real Wood Furniture that will Last, Function Properly and Look Good, Buying Handmade Amish Furniture. I offer Simple Shaker, Traditional Marry Ann, Rustic Country and other Styles of Authentic Ohio Amish Furniture, made from Reclaimed Barn Wood, Primitive Unfinished Pine and other Solid Wood, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

Furniture is a really broad term. There are many different types of furniture, for many different purposes. However, something that at times gets lost is that furniture, at its foundation, is utilitarian and has a specific purpose that it was originally created for. So much effort is put into the way the furniture looks, instead of the way it performs. Sure, we all want furniture that looks good, but often, especially with quality solid unfinished real wood furniture, less is more. Most of today’s furniture is not made to last and its creators seem to focus more style than quality and function. Most stores carrying accent furniture stock pieces primarily made from cheap plastic and particle board. High end furniture stores that do have quality solid real wood accent furniture are often very expensive and only offer modern and contemporary styles. These are just a few of the reasons why rustic, country, traditional Queen Ann, simple shaker and other styles of handmade Amish wooden furniture have become increasingly popular sense handmade Amish furniture first gained attention in the 1920s, when early American folk art was "discovered". Furniture dealers and historians have sense placed great value on the beauty and quality of authentic handmade Amish pieces.

Amish furniture is made in a variety of different styles such as simple mission and shaker to decorative traditional and rustic country styles. However, all real handmade Amish furniture, regardless of it style, is solid, made from real wood and will do the job it was created to do. The Mission and Shaker styles are two of the more common and popular. They are both primitive and simple.  Mission style Amish furniture is characterized by straight lines and exposed joints. The Shaker style is plain, yet elegant and has a very simple and basic design aimed at functionality and durability. Shaker accent furniture is typically made from either real reclaimed barn wood or primitive unfinished pine. Shaker furniture is term that comes from the Shaker religious community. Who like the Amish are also a primarily self sufficient community whose guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty were reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist design they created.

Real Shaker furniture become popular before Amish furniture did. The term Shaker furniture stuck and became used to describe simple well made primitive wood furniture. Most Amish furniture is made with function, form and proportion being the driving force of the Amish craftsman who handmade it. Mission and shaker style Amish furniture is often made from rustic reclaimed barn wood and primitive unfinished pine, further adding to its simple style and country charm. The Queen Anne style of Amish furniture is a direct contrast to the Mission and Shaker styles. It is considered traditional, with decorative moldings, unique foot details, hand carved ornamentation and other ornamental accents. Even though Queen Anne Amish wood furniture is extremely decorative and features a variety of ornamental accents, it is still made to function properly and with care. Style never becomes more important than function, no matter whether it is finished or unfinished or how elaborately decorated the piece is. Other Amish furniture styles include Southwestern, Rustic Cottage, and Nautical. 

Amish furniture making is often a skill passed down through many generations. Most Amish children stop attending school at eighth grade, to help out at home, in the shops or in the fields. Wood working and furniture making families start teaching their children these amazing wood working techniques at early age, so that by the time they finish the 8th grade they can start helping and perfecting their wood working skills. Many Amish families become known for their specific design details and niches that also get passed down. Because of their religious beliefs rustic, traditional, primitive shaker and all other wooden Amish furniture is made without the use of electric tools. Many of the larger woodworking tools in Amish shops are powered by hydraulic and pneumatic power that runs on diesel compressors. Most Amish communities do permit some technology, in the case of woodworking, as the craft often supports multiple families within the community. However, most work is done by hand with primitive wood working tools. These tools may be more time consuming than modern electric power tools, however in the hands of skilled Amish craftsman these tools are put to great use and are able to produce both simple shaker furniture, as well as decoratively carved traditional and rustic finished and unfinished country furniture made from real reclaimed barn wood or pine that is second to none.   

One other thing that is very appealing about simple Shaker and other types of rustic and traditional Amish furniture is no one piece is ever identical to another. The Amish put great care into the selecting each and every piece of wood they use, whether it’s primitive reclaimed barn wood or new unfinished pine.  Every piece of wood has a different grain. During the furniture making process the Amish pay great attention to the details of the wood and its grain. Each piece of wood is hand-selected to match the specific furniture in mind to achieve the desired look of the finished piece. Real Amish furniture is also valued for its sustainability and is considered a green product. The Amish woodworkers pride themselves in their work and view their shaker, traditional, rustic or other completed pieces of furniture as art and furnishings to be used and lived in for generations.

At my online store I offer a great selection of authentic handmade Amish furniture made from real reclaimed barn wood and primitive unfinished pine. I make it easy and affordable for you to buy authentic traditional, shaker and other styles of handmade Ohio Amish wood furniture. No matter what type or style of real Amish furniture you are looking for whether simple, shaker, rustic, Queen Ann or something else, I have it and for the area of your home or garden you are shopping for. I have lived in Northern Ohio Amish Country my whole life and have established relationships with a variety of Amish families. I am privileged to be provided access to their workshops and for my online shop to be able to act as the modern middleman between you and the simple Amish artists and craftsman that hand make each and every one of the pieces I have for sale. The Amish families that hand make the wooden Amish furniture for sale in our online store take great pride in their work and the amazing reclaimed barn wood, unfinished pine and other pieces they create. I provide detailed product descriptions, and images to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the perfect pieces of simple Shaker, Queen Ann, Rustic or other style of real handmade Amish furniture for you. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best pieces of authentic handmade wooden Amish furniture for you please call or email and I will be happy to help.  

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