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Keep your Home Smelling Wonderful and Add to the Decor, Buying the Best Handmade Highly Scented Jar Candles. At my Online Amish Shop, I offer Cross Roads Ohio, 26oz Double and Triple Scented, Hand Poured Paraffin Wax Fragrance Candles, with Decorative Heat Resistant Mason Style Glass Jars, at Cheap Discount Sales Prices.

Pet, leftover food and other unpleasant odors happen in some form or another, at some time or another in every home, and when they do we want to get rid of them. Even when there are not any unpleasant odors, we want our home to smell good. Smell is an extremely powerful sense that plays a large role in atmosphere and how we feel. When a room or home smells good, it feels good and makes coming home that much more enjoyable for us and our guests. This is the reason why the online odor industry is so huge.  However, most fragranced sprays and other odor removing products for sale online, cover up smells after they happen. I don’t know about you but I would rather my home just smells good all of the time, not just when there is a bad smell I want to cover up. Also, most of these fragranced sprays and other odor removing products are full of unnatural and potentially harmful chemicals. The best double and triple scented hand poured paraffin wax glass jar candles, handmade by Ohio’s own Cross Roads Candle Company, come in a variety of amazing fragrances that will help you make home or room smell amazing at all times, without using harsh, unnatural chemicals. The best, double and triple scented hand poured paraffin wax fragrance candles for sale, are so highly scented, that even when not lit, they will keep your home smelling great and gently cover most mild odors. For stronger odors simply light your handmade highly scented jar candle and the room will quickly smell amazing.  

Besides smelling wonderful, covering and removing odors, the best double and triple scented hand poured paraffin wax glass jar fragrance candles, look amazing and will add to your decor. Handmade highly scented fragrance candles and their decorative glass jars are unique, because they are one of the only things you can buy for your home that adds to the decor and helps create the atmosphere you want, through the power of smell. When buying scented jar candles, quality is everything. Cheap discount quality scented candles for sale, are cheap for a reason. They often have quick burn times, are not very highly scented, are not made using hand poured Ohio Amish Country paraffin wax, and have boring glass jars that are not heat resistant. (If you want to use a candle warmer your scented candle has to have a heat resistant jar.) Spending a bit more upfront on a handmade highly scented fragrance candle, is often a better idea, than buying cheap. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money either, on a brand name, to get the best candle. You just want to make sure the candles you buy are double and triple scented, that the paraffin wax is hand poured and that the wicks are led free, to ensure a smooth even burn. It is also a good idea to buy a scented glass jar fragrance candle that features unique artwork or a design that adds to your decor and looks just as good as it smells.

Cross Roads, is an online candle company I found here, in Northern Ohio. Their large, 26 oz, glass jar fragranced candles for sale, have a long 120-140 hour burn time! They are also handmade using high-quality, hand poured, blended paraffin wax and come with two lead-free wicks, to ensure the cleanest, most thorough burn and maximum scent retention possible. The hand poured blended paraffin wax is double or triple scented and come for sale in a variety of amazing fragrances. Regardless of your favorite fragrances or the type of atmosphere you want to create, they have the best handmade highly scented candle for you. The mason style glass jars themselves feature beautiful artwork or Cross Roads own unique and decorative design. The glass jars are also clear, so you can see the beautiful candle and its colors. Unlike many other hand poured highly scented candles for sale, Cross Roads Handmade Ohio Amish Country fragrance candle’s glass jars, are heat resistant. If choose to, this allows you to use candle warmer to increases the scent life. Even though Cross Roads candles are hand poured in Ohio Amish Country with the best blended paraffin wax, are double and triple scented, have lead free wicks, heat resident mason style glass jars and look just as great as they smell, are relatively cheap. Especially when compared to other highly scented jar candles, of similar size and quality. This doesn’t mean they are cheap, it just means that you are not going to find a better smelling, longer lasting, double or triple scented handmade fragrance candle, with hand poured paraffin wax on sale for less.

At my online handmade Amish products and decor store, I am proud to offer Ohio Cross Road’s hand poured, highly scented candles, at the best sales prices. All of these glass jar fragrance candles are handmade, with double or triple scented hand poured paraffin wax, come with two lead free wicks and a black screw on lid. They are each 26 oz, weight 2lbs and have an approximate 120-140 hour burn time. Being an online based Amish products store I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of other candle stores. These savings allow me to off the already fairly priced high quality hand poured Ohio Cross Roads double and triple scented glass jar candles in the best fragrances at everyday cheap discount prices. I make it easy and affordable for you to get the best hand poured scented candles, with beautiful heat resistant mason style glass jars for your room or home. If you have any questions about our handmade, highly scented, long burning, hand poured paraffin wax candles for sale, please let me know and I will be happy to help. Try all of our Cross Roads Ohio Amish Country double and tripled scented glass jar candles, to find the fragrance you like best. 

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