Basket - Golf Cart Box Basket

Basket - Golf Cart Box Basket

Basket - Golf Cart Box Basket
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Amish Handcrafted Made In he USA!
Basket - Custom Amish Handcrafted Specialty Box / Basket - Measures - 40" x 29" x 10"
Handwoven box basket custom crafted to fit on the back of a golf cart to allow dogs to be transported
safely while out riding around. This box / basket is perfect for carting around supplies or groceries while out running around on the cart.
This particular box/basket was crafted for Larry S. in Peachtree City, GA.
This particular basket has handles placed in particular locations to coincide with the bars on the back of this golf cart so it can be secured properly and safely hold the precious cargo.
Please feel free to contact us to have this design or any other basket design crafted to your specifications.

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