Egg And Nest Baskets


These egg and nest baskets are the most collected and unique designs of wooden wicker handmade baskets that you will find anywhere, and all at the best prices available.

One of the most unique baskets found on the market today is the Amish wooden wicker nest baskets. There are few Amish basket weavers that have mastered the technique that is used in this beautiful egg basket.  Also, just as creative is the Amish wooden wicker egg buttocks basket and the well-known wooden wicker egg basket that the Amish use to gather their eggs in each morning. 
Each of these unique designed wooden wicker handmade baskets can be used for anything that your imagination can dream up.  They can be added to any room or décor just to give it an extra touch of class, as well as in a summer room or porch as a hanging plant basket.  The round wooden wicker egg baskets look great filled with a flower arrangement and used as a center piece.  You can even change the arrangement to match any season or holiday without much expense.  If you are attending or planning any parties or showers for friends or relatives, each of these beautiful wooden wicker baskets can be ordered with your own accent colors to match, for a wedding party or baby shower.  Just fill the basket with your own choice of gifts, add a bow and you will no doubt be the hit of any party or shower.  They all make great Easter baskets, filled with your own eggs, candies and toys.  It can be stored and used year after year.
Our Old Order Amish family of fourteen has been hand making wooden wicker baskets for centuries.  They are created one at a time and are made to be passed down for generations.  The children are taught from an early age the importance of pride and integrity of hand making the best quality baskets possible.   Many Amish children will continue the trade of their parents when they reach adulthood using their unique talents to keep food on their tables.
Here at AmishCrossRoads.com you will find one of the largest collections of handmade wooden wicker baskets on the web today, all at the cheapest prices possible. Each basket is made at the time you place your order, so it will be as unique as you are.  You can choose two accent colors to fit any room or décor you need.  You can’t find any of our Amish baskets at your local mall or craft shops where their products are massed produced and shipped in from other countries.  Each of our baskets is made with US materials right here in the USA.  They come with a full money back guarantee, so you can shop without worry.

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