Have a Safe and Decorative Place to keep Cookies with a Rustic Handmade Wicker Cookie Jar Basket Holder. We offer the Best Ohio Amish made Cookie Jars with Hand Woven Wicker Sides, Wooden Lids and Bottoms in your Choice of Decorative Accent Colors at Cheap Discount Sales Prices.

Cookie Baskets

It is always nice to have freshly baked cookies around. However, when you make your own cookies they do not come with packaging they can be kept in. You can put them on a plate or put them in a big zip lock bag. However, plates and cheap zip lock bags are not very decorative. Cute country cookie jar holders are both decorative and functional. They add to the kitchen’s decor and provide a decorative place to keep your baked cookies.  Most cookie jars for sale however, are made of glass or porcelain and are fairly heavy. It can be tough to keep little children out of the cookie jar. When climbing up on to the top of the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet or cupboard to grab a cookie it is very easy for children to accidentally drop and break glass and porcelain cookie jars. The best handmade Ohio Amish wicker cookie baskets with rustic wooden lids are much lighter than other cookie jars and do not shatter if they get dropped.

The best wicker cookie jar baskets with wooden lids for sale besides being much lighter and easier to carry for little kids are also very decorative. Wicker cookie jar baskets have a rustic country look that is perfect for the kitchen. When buying a wicker cookie jar with a wooden lid it is important to purchase a hand woven decorative basket that will last. Cheap wooden cookie jars for sale are cheap for a reason. They are often made from thin low quality wicker that was not hand woven, are not very cute or decorative and do not last. The Ohio Amish community is famous for their handmade wood and wicker country baskets. Hand woven Amish cookie baskets are the best wood and wicker cookie jar holders you can buy.

Each handmade Ohio Amish cookie jar basket is hand woven one at time using thick high quality wicker and the best basket weaving techniques that have been perfected over and passed down over the generations. Besides being extremely well made, handmade Ohio Amish cookie jar basket holders for sale are also very decorative. Ohio Amish wicker cookie baskets with wooden lids have a rustic country look that will never go out of style and will give your kitchen comfortable welcoming feel. They also make great conversation pieces and are unique pieces of American history. You will love telling friends and family about your authentic handmade wood and wicker Ohio Amish cookie jar basket holder.   

At my Online Ohio Amish made products store we offer a great selection of authentic hand woven wood and wicker cookie jar basket holders at relatively cheap discount sales prices. All of the cute cookie jar basket holders we have for sale are handmade one at time by an Amish family here in Northern Ohio. The Ohio Amish family that hand weaves these wooden cookie jars take great pride in their rustic wicker baskets and I believe hand make the best most decorative country baskets in the world. Like all of our handmade Ohio Amish wicker baskets, our rustic cookie jar holders with wood lids come in your choice of two decorative accent colors. Whether for you or as a gift our handmade wicker cookie jar basket holders will add to your kitchen’s country decor and provide a safe place to keep your best baked goodies. If you have any questions about any of our hand woven Ohio Amish wicker cookie jar baskets with wooden lids for sale please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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