Cake Baskets

Safely Travel with Cakes and other Baked Goodies with an Old Fashioned Portable Cake Carrier. We offer Large Rectangular Handmade Amish Wood and Wicker Cake Holders and Vintage Basket Carriers that can also be used as Decorative Serving Sheets at the Cheapest Possible Sales Prices

Baking a cake is act of love that takes time and preparation, but the look of enjoyment on your friends and family’s faces as they take their first bites makes it all worth it. Fresh cakes while tasty and amazing are also very fragile. While traveling with a cake or even just carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room it is very easy to accidentally drop it, bump it, poke it and ruin it. This is why it so important for every baker to own a large old fashioned rectangular cake carrier. Vintage handmade Amish portable wicker cake holders are relatively cheap and make it easy to safely travel with and carry your delicious cakes to picnics, holidays, bake sales or anywhere else. Large multi-use rectangle cake holder baskets besides making it easy to carry and travel with your cakes also make decorative serving sheets at home.  

When purchasing a multi use vintage portable cake carrier it is important to keep in mind that it is going to be used as serving sheet, and it is going to be used a lot. This is why you want to purchase a portable handmade Amish cake carrier that can be used as decorative serving sheet, will safely hold your cakes and will last. Cheap large rectangle shape cake holders, baskets, metal sheets and portable travel carriers are cheap for a reason. They are often made from plastic or other cheap low quality materials that are not decorative and do not last. Handmade old fashioned multi use Amish cake carriers with hand woven wicker sides and solid wood bottoms are the best large portable rectangle cake holders you can buy. 

The Amish are famous for the quality of their old fashioned handmade wicker baskets. Amish wicker baskets are some of the most decorative and well made vintage baskets you can buy. Amish cake holders and portable carriers are no exception. Each wicker cake carrying basket is handmade by an authentic member of the Amish community using techniques that have been perfected and passed down from one generation to the next. Amish multi-use rectangle cake carriers and old fashioned holders are extremely versatile they can be used to keep cakes safe while traveling and make decorative serving sheets. Their large vintage rectangular sheet shape also makes easy to carry, travel with and serve other baked goodies as well.

At our Online Amish products and decor store we offer a great selection of vintage handmade multi use cake carriers and large rectangle holders at the cheapest sales prices. All of our old fashioned portable cake carriers are handmade by an authentic member of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio. They are also very versatile. Our vintage multi-use cake holding baskets can be used not only to safely travel with and carry cakes, but also as a decorative serving sheet. Their large multi use rectangular shape also makes it easy to use these handmade wicker Amish cake carriers for a variety of other baked goodies. Like all of our handmade Amish wicker baskets our vintage portable cake holders come in your choice of two decorative accent colors. If you have any questions about our portable handmade Amish rectangle cake carriers please let me know and I will be happy to help. 


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