Bread Baskets

Make Carrying and Serving Artisan Bread, Rolls and Buns Hot from the Oven Safe and Easy with Country Wicker Baskets Handmade in the USA. We offer Authentic Hand Woven Amish Wicker Bread Baskets with Wood Bottoms and Leather Handles in your Choice of Unique and Decorative Accent Colors.

There is nothing better than fresh hot bread right out of the oven. Whether serving rolls, buns or unique artisan bread, bread is side that goes with almost every meal. When serving bread hot from the oven you have to be able to safely carry it to the table and have a place to set it that will look nice. Wicker bread baskets with wood bottoms are the best baskets for carrying hot roll, buns and artisan bread to the table as well as decoratively serve it once at that table. The best wicker bread baskets have wood bottoms that will safely absorb the heat from the bread and not burn your table. They have leather handles that make them easy to carry. Wicker bread baskets are also decorative and add a unique country touch to your family dining experience. They are also great for family picnics, BBQ'S and other social events that you would like to bring artisan rolls, buns or other types of bread to.
When purchasing the best bead basket you want a quality USA made basket that will not only safely and easily transport hot bread, but will also look good. This is why Amish made wicker bread baskets with wood bottoms are such a great choice. The Amish are well known for their amazing hand woven wicker baskets. Amish wicker bread baskets with wood bottoms are handmade and have sturdy leather handles. The thick wicker and wood bottoms of these unique Amish bread baskets are durable and will last.  They also have an amazing country look perfect for your dining room or kitchen table. Whether serving rolls, buns or artisan bread a handmade Amish wicker bread basket with wood bottom will make it safe and easy to carry hot bread and provide a unique and decorative way of serving it once at the table.

We offer a great selection of the best handmade in the USA Amish wicker bread baskets with wood bottoms and leather handles. Every wicker bread basket we have for sale was hand woven by an authentic member of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio and come in your choice of unique accent color. Our wicker bread baskets are of the highest quality. They will last and continue to look good for many years. Being a handmade Amish basket not only will they last and provide a country accent they also make a great conversation piece. You will love telling friends and family about your unique authentic Amish made wicker bread basket. These Amish baskets are perfect for carrying and serving rolls, buns, artisan any other type of bread.  If you have any questions or need any help finding the best wicker bread basket with wood bottom and leather handles hand woven in the USA for you please let us know and we will be more than happy to help. 

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