Bluebird Houses

Help Keep Plants and Flowers in your Backyard or Garden Safe from Insects while Adding Life and Color to your Outdoor Living Spaces, by Providing Bluebirds with Rustic Nesting Box Birdhouses. I offer Primitive Handmade Ohio Amish Wooden Bluebird House Nest Boxes, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Bluebirds are beautiful birds that have blue, or blue and rose beige, plumage. Birders love watching bluebirds because they are so beautiful and seemingly happy. Besides being beautiful, bluebirds are also extremely helpful. Bluebirds are some of nature’s best and most voracious insect consumers, and can quickly rid a garden’s plants and flowers of insect pests. If you are a garden you are probably very aware of the benefits of attracting bluebirds to your garden and other outdoor living spaces.   There are 3 species of bluebirds; Eastern bluebirds, Western bluebirds and Mountain bluebirds. Bluebirds are territorial and prefer open grassland with scattered trees, but can be found in almost every state and region of the US. In order to attract Eastern or any other species of bluebird to your backyard or garden you have to a wooden bluebird birdhouse nesting box. Unlike other birds that build nests branches, Eastern and all other bluebirds require a primitive wooden nesting box or cavity to build their house / nest.

Male bluebirds identify the best potential nest sites and try to attract females to those nesting sites with unique behaviors that include singing and flapping their wings in an amazing aerial display that both looks and sounds amazing!  After the singing and winging flapping they then place some material in a nesting box or cavity. If the female accepts the male and the nesting box birdhouse, she alone builds the rest of the nest and incubates the eggs. This is an amazing display that can be enjoyed by you and your family from the comfort of your backyard if you provide male bluebirds with the primitive wooden nesting box they need, to entice a female with, to make their birdhouse. Once the female bluebird accepts the male and your bluebird house you are able to then watch and enjoy them. Eastern Bluebirds typically produce between two and four broods of chicks during the spring and summer from March through August. If you buy and put out a rustic handmade Amish wooden bluebird house nest box in your garden you will have 6 months every year to enjoy these beautiful birds from the comfort of your own backyard.  

Whether you are a garden who wants to attract bluebirds to help keep your plants and flowers safe from insect pests or think bluebirds are beautiful and interesting to watch, a wooden handmade Ohio Amish bluebird birdhouse will provide the nesting box they need to nest in your backyard. Besides being good for you, rustic nesting box bluebird houses are important for the survival of bluebirds. In the 1970s, bluebird numbers had declined dramatically. This was due to the unnatural introduction of house sparrows and starlings, which competed with bluebirds for houses and nesting cavities. This was coupled with a decline in natural habitat in which bluebirds could nest. However, in late 2005 Cornell University's Laboratory of Ornithology reported a large increase in Eastern bluebird sightings across the southern U.S. This is a strong indication of the bluebird's return to the region and increase in numbers across the US in general. This upsurge can largely be attributed to a movement of volunteers establishing and maintaining Eastern bluebird trails as well as people like you providing bluebirds with the rustic wooden nesting box birdhouses they need.

When buying bluebird houses, it is important that they are wooden nest boxes made for bluebirds. Because the bluebird house is going to be outdoors, in your backyard or garden, it is important that is made from thick high quality wood that will last. The Amish are simple people, many of whom rely on their gardens for food. Amish farmers and gardeners have been using Eastern bluebird birdhouse nest boxes to attract bluebirds to protect their plants from insect pests. Because of this they have had to master the art of bluebird house making. Rustic handmade Amish wooden bluebird houses are some of the best nesting boxes you can buy. Amish Eastern bluebird houses are the perfect size and shape. They are attractive to both female and male bluebirds.  Will help keep other birds and animals out and are easy for bluebirds to build their nests in. The other great thing about primitive handmade Amish Eastern bluebird houses is they are extremely well made and very affordable. Amish wood workers are some of the best in the world! Authentic Ohio Amish made wooden bluebird nesting boxes are some of the best, most durable and longest lasting country birdhouses you can buy. Amish made bluebird house nest boxes will last years and years and attract bluebirds to your backyard or garden each and every spring.

Here, I offer a great selection of authentic handmade Ohio Amish bluebird nesting box birdhouses at the best online sales prices. They are the perfect size and style for Eastern bluebirds, as the Amish family that hand makes these bluebird houses is from Northern Ohio. However, they will accommodate any species of bluebird. The Amish craftsman that hand make these wooden bluebird houses have been master carpenters and working as full time wood workers sense finishing the 8th grade. You are simply not going to find a better more well made wooden bluebird nesting box birdhouse for sale any ware. Most bluebird houses for sale in other online stores are pretty primitive and boring. We do carry your basic wooden bluebird nest box, but we also offer some unique and decorative rustic country twists that are both decorative and functional.  The Ohio Amish are humble people; this coupled with my low overhead allows me to offer these authentic handmade Amish wooden bluebird houses at everyday cheap online sales prices.

If you have any questions or about our quality handmade Ohio Amish Eastern bluebird nest box birdhouse or the Amish craftsman that hand make them, please give me a call or send me an email and I will be happy to help.  

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