Table Runners Amish Quilted Designs

Inexpensively Accent and Protect your Beautiful Dining Room Table without completely covering it with a Prim and Lovely Handmade Table Runner. We offer Elegant Hand Quilted County Themed Washable Table Runners

Table Runners Amish Quilted Deigns

Beautiful dining room tables are elegant and not something you want to completely cover with a table cloth. However, even the most elegant dining tables on their own are a bit boring and could use a lovely country accent to bring out the true beauty of the table, as well as needs places to set food, candles and other items without ruining it. Wide quilted table runners are an inexpensive, prim and protective solution for these types of beautiful dining room tables. Handmade quilted table runners run primly down the center of the table creating a lovely country themed accent while providing a safe place to set table decor and food.
When purchasing a table runner it is of course important that it is just as beautiful and elegant as the dining table it is accenting. Prim country themed hand quilted table runners are a relatively inexpensive yet extremely effective way of creating or accenting a lovely country themed decor. It is important to remember that the table runner is not just going to be beautiful country decor, but is also supposed to protect your beautiful dining room table from spilled food, candle wax, drinks as well as hot bowls and plates.
This is why you need to make sure that the runner is thick, hand quilted, wide enough to protect your lovely dining room table, will last and is washable.   Cheap inexpensive table runners made from cheap low quality fabrics are typically thin, not as elegant or prim as hand quilted ones and are typically not washable or fade quickly. The other thing to keep in mind is table runners are made up three parts. When these pieces are not stitched together the table runner will ball up after being washed and is almost impossible to get undone.  
Hand quilted designer quality table runners may cost a bit more upfront, but will actually save you money in the long run over cheap table runners not have to replace them.   They are handmade, prim, thick, made to last, washable and have the lovely country themed look you want to accent your elegant dining room. Hand quilted table runners always have all three parts stitched together so they never ball up the way cheap non stitched table runners do.
Here we offer hand quilted Amish country table runners that look great, are thick and wide, made to last and washable. If you want a truly designer quality hand quilted elegant table runner that is durable and won’t have to be replaced these are the quilted table runners for you. Our lovely hand quilted Amish table runners are 43.5” x 17.5” so they are plenty wide. Providing both the country themed accent you want and protection your beautiful table needs without covering it completely. Both of our prim table runners are hand quilted by the authentic Amish community here in Ohio so their quality is second to none. If you have any question about our hand quilted elegant country themed table runners please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.  

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