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Protect Your Floors While Adding a Unique and Colorful Indoor Accent and Prevent Slipping in the Kitchen or Bathroom with Decorative and Beautiful Area Rugs and Rustic Throw Rugs. We offer Affordable Handmade Vintage Amish Country Rugs for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

Amish Shag RugAmish Shag RugComes in three Sizes Ranging in Price up to $59.95
Throw RugThrow RugComes in three sizes Ranging in Price up to $59.95
Carpet looks terrible when it gets stained, is difficult to clean and can be a bit boring. Kitchen and bathroom floors are often wood, tile, linoleum or other surface that get slippery when it is wet. Whether you want to protect your floor, add a colorful decorative accent or prevent slipping in the kitchen or bathroom indoor area and throw rugs are perfect. Unlike the carpet you can wash your rug and unlike the kitchen or bathroom floor the rug doesn’t get slippery when it is wet. Not only are rugs functional they are also unique and decorative accents.

However, not all rugs are created equal. Cheap non-handmade area and throw rugs are made from cheap low quality materials that fade, tear and need to be replaced quickly. Particularly kitchen and bathroom throw rugs that get wet and are stepped on all the time. Cheap discount quality area rugs are often boring and not very colorful or unique. Large area rugs are big part of your home’s indoor decor. You want your home to feel warm and inviting. Cheap non handmade rugs are not going add the warm vintage rustic accent you want to compliments your country home decor.

Rustic handmade country rugs will last and make decorative colorful indoor accents. However, most handmade country area rugs and rustic bathroom and kitchen throw rugs are expensive. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, you don’t want to have to spend more than you have to. Authentic handmade Amish indoor rugs are beautifully rustic, of the highest quality and are affordable. Amish rugs are hand woven colorful home decor accents that are unique, decorative and functional. Whether you are looking for throw rug for your kitchen or bathroom or are looking for protective and decorative area rug an Amish handmade country rug is perfect and when compared to other rustic rugs of similar quality are affordably cheap.

Here we offer beautiful handmade authentic Amish country area and unique throw rugs for sale at cheap discount prices. No matter what type of rug you are looking for or why you want one, we have the best rug for your bathroom, kitchen or other area. Our Amish rugs are affordable colorful country home decor accents that you will be proud to own. You will love telling your friends and family about your authentic handmade Amish rug that cannot be bought in the store. We have established relationships with members of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio and throw these relationships are able to offer these rustic handmade rugs.

Being an online based Amish products store we do not the expensive operating costs of traditional rug/home decor stores. These savings along with the Amish’s modest affordable prices allows us to offer these unique and beautiful handmade country rugs for sale at cheap discount prices. If you have any questions about any of our beautifully rustic and colorful area or bathroom and kitchen throw rugs please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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