Amish Outhouses

Create a Country Old Timey Feel in your Yard or Garden with a Primitive Outdoor Outhouse. We have for Sale Authentic Handmade Portable Amish Outhouses Constructed from over 100 Year Old Reclaimed Barn Wood.

Finding large decorative pieces of decor for your outdoor living spaces that create a country old timey feel is tough. Home decor stores are full of boring, plastic, cheap non-country pieces for sale that you find in everyone’s yard and garden. Primitive Ohio Amish made wooden portable outhouses are large, decorative and create an old timey feel that is unmatched by other pieces of outdoor decor. Having a decorative wooden outhouse in your yard or garden will automatically transform our outdoor living spaces into a truly unique country atmosphere.

Primitive Ohio Amish made portable outhouses for sale are extremely decorative and well made. Constructed from over100 year old reclaimed barn wood they have an authentic old timey feel and will last with very little maintenance. They are also portable, so they are fairly easy to move and are really not very expensive. If you are looking for unique piece of outdoor decor that makes a statement, creates a truly country atmosphere and makes a great conversation piece a primitive Ohio Amish made wooden outhouse is the perfect choice!

We offer a couple different Ohio Amish made portable outhouses for sale. Both of the primitive old timey outdoor outhouses we have for sale are handmade by authentic members of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio and are constructed from over 100 year old reclaimed barn wood. These primitive outhouses are unique pieces that you will not be able to find at other stores on our offline. You can come here to Ohio to pick it up or we can ship it to you. If we are shipping the decorative old timey outhouse to you call for freight charges. Whether you pick it up or have it shipped once you get the outhouse in your yard or garden you will love it and the primitive country atmosphere it creates.    

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