Handmade Amish Mailboxes

Creative and Unusual Mailboxes do more than Just Collect Mail, They are Visible Decorative Additions to your Home. Here we offer Unique Rural, Handmade Amish Postal Approved Residential Mailboxes for Sale as well as Novelty Custom Made Mailboxes

In today’s age of computer technology we are able to stay in touch with friends and family with the click of a mouse; but, there is nothing quite like receiving a hand written card or note from a family member or friend to warm you heart.  The mailboxes aren’t as full of personal mail as days gone by but they are still a much needed product.  Your mailbox is one of the first visible things people passing your home will see, so a unique custom handmade mailbox that is   U. S. Postal approved will add to your outdoor yard decor.  It doesn't matter if you are in a residential area or a rural setting, your mailbox can be an extension of your decorative ideas. 

The Old Order Amish craftsman have been making one of the best mailboxes for sale that you can purchase today, because they use the US Postal service for their only communication they need a mailbox that will withstand any weather conditions.  Not only do they need it for contact to the outside world, but as a source of income for their families. Each mailbox is handmade one at a time, they are never mass produced like the mailboxes you find at your local hardware or do-it-yourself-centers.  Their unique designs are custom handmade and will only add an extra touch of class to any driveway or home. 

We carry several handmade authentic Old Order Amish crafted mailboxes.  Any one of them will make your driveway and home the envy of the neighborhood.  Since everyone has the same need for a mailbox, you will be able to fill that need with a touch of style and a one of the best prices you can find.  If you have a mailbox style that you would like, and don’t see it here on our site; just use the contact form or toll free telephone number and let us know.  Our Amish craftsmen can create your mailbox unique to your needs, your wants and your style and color.  We hope you will use our site for all your Amish needs.  Our products all come with a money back guarantee, so there is no risk for you involved.

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