Have the Bright Light You need Camping or during an Emergency Power Outage while Adding a Rustic Antique style Accent to Indoor Tabletops, Patios or other Outdoor Living Spaces with a Primitive Oil or Kerosene burning Hurricane Lantern. We offer Decorative Handmade Metal and Glass Old Order Amish Oil and Kerosene Hanging Lanterns for all Uses

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to see in the dark? Seriously though, light is something we take for granted this day and age. Well, that is until it is gone. During power outages, camping outdoors or any emergency situations you are going to need light that you can rely on. Flashlights are great, but batteries run out and are unreliable.  Flashlights also only have a single beam of light that is unable to light an entire room indoors or area outdoors.

Old antique style oil and kerosene lanterns are also called hurricane lanterns, because they are ideal during power outages and other emergency situations. An old oil or kerosene hanging lantern is a required item in any home’s emergency supplies or camping gear. Because old antique style metal and glass hanging lanterns use kerosene or cooking oil you don’t have to worry about their batteries being dead and not working. Have an extra supply of kerosene and or oil and you will have the bright light you need whenever and where ever you need it.

Hanging lanterns are easy to carry and can be hung indoors or outside. Unlike a flashlight that has a beam of light only lighting what you point it at a glass hanging indoor and outdoor lantern provides 360 degrees brightly light, lighting an entire room indoors, camping area, or whatever is around you. Old antique style oil and kerosene lanterns besides being great for power outages, camping and emergency situations are also very decorative and rustic.

 Oil metal and glass hurricane style lanterns also provide an old primitive yet decorative and rustic accent to tabletops, patios, outdoor living spaces or any room indoors.  If you are looking to add an old rustic antique style accent indoors or outdoors but are on a budget, primitive hanging carriage style oil or kerosene lanterns will provide the rustic antique look you want without the antique price. The light that oil lanterns produce while bright is soothing and creates a wonderful atmosphere.   Plus the decorative lantern will then be there on the tabletop or hanging on the patio ready if the power does go out.

The Amish community to this day uses old antique style oil and kerosene hanging metal and glass lanterns for one of their main light sources both indoors and outdoors. They use them on their patios, indoors on tabletops or hanging from a wall as well as on their carriages. Because they use their lanterns so much outdoors, indoors, on their carriages and everywhere else their lanterns have to be well made and last. The Amish has and continues the tradition of manufacturing some of the best handmade metal and glass oil and kerosene burning antique style rustic lanterns. Their hanging hurricane lanterns are perfect for camping, power outages and as rustic decorative accents. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a hurricane lantern primarily for power outages, camping, emergencies, or as a rustic antique style accent a handmade Amish metal and glass oil lantern will be by far the best made, brightest and most decorative.
Here we offer a rustic selection of primitive antique style handmade Amish oil and kerosene hanging metal and glass lanterns. These hurricane style lanterns are easy to carry or hang, and are perfect for power outages, camping, emergencies or as decorative rustic indoor, outdoor or tabletop accents. All of our oil and kerosene lanterns are hand made by authentic Amish craftsman here in Northern Ohio. We are proud to offer such great handmade Amish lanterns and other handmade Amish products and know that you will be proud to own them and show them off to friends and family.  If you have any questions about any of our decorative old antique style oil lanterns please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.  

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