Hay Forks

Add a Vintage Country Touch to your Yard or Garden without having to spend tons of Money on an Old Antique Buying an Amish made Wooden Hay Fork. We offer Authentic Handmade 3 Point Wooden Hay Rakes for Sale.

It seems that most outdoor decor stores today are full of boring mass produced pieces that lack character and antique style. If you enjoy a more vintage look for your garden other outdoor living spaces this makes it difficult to find pieces of decor that have an antique look and create the farm feel you want. Vintage pieces of barn and farm equipment such as old wooden 3 point hay forks make excellent pieces of decor that will create a unique atmosphere that modern decor simply cannot. Antique hay forks are vintage pieces of American farm tools that instantly add nostalgia and rustic accents to any yard or garden.  However, finding old antique wooden hay rakes for sale is next to impossible and if you do they are very expensive.

The Amish to this day make and use vintage 3 point wooden hay forks for work around their farms and barns that have the same exact look as old antique ones. The only differences between the wooden hay forks the Amish make and use today and old antique hay rakes are they are new, will last longer and are much less expensive.  Instead of spending 100 dollars or more on an old hay rake for sale you can spend $30 and get a vintage 3 point wooden hay fork with the same antique look and feel that will last. The Amish hay forks may not be true antiques, but they have a great story and are piece of history in their own right. Amish 3 point hay rakes like other Amish products are handmade by true craftsmen that take pride in their work.

Here, we offer 100% authentic handmade Amish wooden 3 point hay forks with the same look and vintage feel as old antique hay rakes. The hay rakes we have for sale are handmade once ordered. They take about three weeks to make. The Amish craftsman starts with a single piece of wood. He then makes two cuts in one of the ends to create the length of the tines. The piece of hickory is then soaked in hot water to make it pliable. Wedges are then inserted into the cuts, causing the wood to separate into tines. The wood is then dried and the tines are sanded into shape. After which the 3 point hay fork is re-soaked in hot water and then put in a jig, where it remains for about two weeks giving it its lovely curved shape. Finally the hay rake is sanded to a finish and a hole is drilled in the handle for hanging. These hay forks come unfinished, but they can be stained, sealed, polished, or oiled if you wish.
Don’t be fooled by imposters. Many online stores claim to offer authentic Amish made products. However, most of these stores do not. I have established friendships with members of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio. It is these friendships that allow me to offer these Amish made 3 point wooden hay forks and the rest of the authentic Amish products offered on my online store. If you have any questions about the vintage antique style 3 point wooden hay rakes we have for sale or would like your hay rake stained, sealed, polished or oiled instead of natural please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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