Get an Affordable, Antique Style, One Horse Drawn Carriage, Buying a Real Amish Built Buggy. I offer Street Legal, Fully Functional, and Authentic Handmade Horse Drawn Amish Buggies, at Cheap Online Sales Prices, Perfect for Travel, Decor, Props, Wagon Rides and other Business Ideas.


There are a variety of reasons for wanting or needing a functioning antique style horse drawn buggy, such as a movie, TV show, play, museum or photo prop. You may also be thinking about starting a one horse drawn carriage wagon ride business or adding a unique piece of country western decor to your yard or garden. Regardless of your reasons for wanting or needing an antique style horse drawn buggy, it is important that it is well made, sturdy, functions properly and looks authentic. Authenticity is everything, especially when filming a movie, TV show, putting together a play, museum, photo shoot or other scene. Antique buggies definitely have the look. However, functional antique buggies and one horse carriages are almost impossible to find, and if you do they are extremely expensive. They also require a lot of maintenance to keep them functional. You can buy a new one, but new buggies and carriages look new and typically do not work as movie, TV or other props. You can have a buggy custom built, but that is extremely expensive and finding a god company may be difficult. The Amish to this day rely on their vintage antique style buggies and single horse drawn carriage wagons as the primary means for day to day travel. Because of this the Amish have to build their buggies, carriages and horse drawn wagon to be sturdy, safe and made to last with.

Authentic Ohio Amish made horse drawn buggies besides being made to last also have the authentic antique look you need for your prop or business. The Amish have not changed the style of their vintage buggies at all. Their one horse drawn wagons are made in the same way now as they were a century ago, perfecting and passing down their techniques from one generation to the next.  The only difference between most of the Amish buggies for sale today and the antique horse drawn carriages they made a century ago, is one is 100 years old or older, brittle, hard to find and expensive. While the others are new, sturdy, will last and is relatively cheap.  You might be surprised at how cheap Amish buggies for sale are when compared to antiques or new custom built horse drawn carriages. Even though Amish made buggies are typically cheaper than antiques and custom built one drawn wagons, they are made better, will last longer, are safer and look more authentic.  Regardless of your reasons for wanting or needing to buy a vintage antique style horse drawn buggy, an authentic handmade Amish carriage is the best most affordable choice.

At my handmade Amish products store I offer authentic Ohio Amish made horse drawn buggy wagons for sale, at relatively cheap discount prices. The buggies I have for sale are street legal, functional and solid. These Amish one horse wagons can be used daily without any problems, as long as they are properly maintained. My authentic Amish buggies are also extremely affordable. You just won’t find a functional, street legal, authentic Ohio Amish made horse drawn buggy of this quality for a cheaper sales price, if you can find any at all. The Amish buggies and single horse wagons can be picked up or special freight shipping arrangements can be made. Take a look at the buggy product page itself for more information and to purchase the carriage. If you want a functioning Amish buggy for an authentic prop, wagon ride business or something else, I make it easy and relatively cheap get the perfect antique style single horse drawn carriage.  I work directly with the Ohio Amish family that has and makes these buggies, so there isn’t any middle man or other fees. That cheap sales price you see is the price you pay for the handmade Amish carriage wagon. If you have any questions about our authentic horse drawn Amish buggies for sale, please let me know and I will be happy to help. 

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