Amish Dolls

Get a Well Made Doll that Will Last and Make a Great Children’s Toy or Addition to your Collection with a Primitive No Face Amish Rag Doll. We offer Authentic Ohio Amish Handmade Faceless Cloth Baby Dolls for Sale with Fast Affordable Shipping.

Dolls are a great way for kids and babies to play and use their imaginations. Dolls can also be very collectible.  However, in order for the doll to be collectible or last it has to be the right kind of doll. Cheap dolls made from cheap low quality plastics are a dime a dozen. They are not very collectible and break easily. Primitive handmade Ohio Amish cloth rag dolls with no faces are some of the most collectible and well made dolls for sale. Because they are rag dolls that are sewn together they are much more durable than cheap plastic counter parts. Whether you are looking for a well made doll that will last for your kid to play with or are looking to add to your collection a handmade Amish baby doll is a great choice.

Many people ask, “Why do primitive Ohio Amish made rag dolls for sale have no faces?” Historians believe the collectible handmade Amish cloth dolls are faceless for a variety of reasons. Most, but not all of these relate back to the Amish religion. One of the most important tenets of Amish religion is that all people are the same in the eyes of God and should be treated as equals. If a doll has no face, it does not have an identity and reinforces the notion of equality both in the Amish community and in larger context, the human race.

Many people also believe the primitive collectible faceless rag dolls are an affirmation of Amish modesty. Amish religious values teach that vanity and pride are sins. Many members of the Amish community believe that creating a cloth baby doll or toy with a human image creates an ideal image of the human form and could encourage children to model themselves after this image causing them to become vain.

There are also biblical reasons. According to the Book of Deuteronomy, people are forbidden from creating graven images or idols. Amish teachings interpret this to mean that no manmade objects, including dolls, should be accurate representations of the human form. By making primitive Amish rag dolls faceless, children cannot regard the doll as a human likeness so owning one is not a sin.

Although most of the reasons for primitive Amish rag dolls to be faceless are religious based, increased commercial and collectible interests are also a factor. In the early 20th Century, several merchants expressed interest in buying and selling faceless Ohio Amish cloth baby dolls to collectors outside of the Amish community. Although many Amish children are now allowed to have dolls with faces, interest from collectors encourages sellers to continue offering the traditional faceless dolls. This is why it is also important to make sure that the faceless doll you purchase is truly an authentic Amish handmade rag doll. There are lots of fakes out there.

Here, we offer primitive handmade Ohio Amish faceless rag dolls for sale. All of the collectible cloth baby dolls we have for sale are handmade by authentic members of the Amish community here in Northern Ohio. I have established relationships with members of the Amish community over the years of living in Northern Ohio. These relationships are what allow me to offer these authentic handmade faceless Amish rag dolls. If you want to make sure the faceless doll you purchase for your collection or as a gift is truly a primitive handmade Amish rag doll there are really only two ways. Go to Ohio Amish country and find an Amish doll maker or purchase one from our online Amish made products store. We make it easy and affordable for you to buy an authentic handmade faceless Ohio Amish Doll.  

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