Bed Quilts Amish Hand Stitched

Stay Warm and Cozy while adding an Artistic Country Accent to Your Home’s Decor Buying a Beautiful Handmade Heirloom Quality Amish Quilted Bedspread. We offer 100% Authentic Handmade Amish Cotton Quilt Blankets with Vintage Patchwork Patterns for Sale at the Best Prices.

When it is cold outside you want to cuddle up inside and be warm and cozy. Whether sitting on the couch or lying in bed there is nothing more warm and cozy than handmade patchwork cotton quilt. Vintage country style quilts look great on beds, but unlike other types of bedspread for sale patchwork quilted blankets are easy to move from room to room and cuddle up with regardless of where you are. The other great thing about quality handmade cotton quilts is that they have three layers instead of just one. The patchwork which is the top layer and is what creates the artistic country design, a layer of insulation called the batting and a layer of backing material. These three layers are then stitched or quilted together. This not only makes the quilt much more durable than other types of bedding and blankets it also makes them much warmer and more comfortable.

When purchasing a vintage quilt for sale you want an artistic handmade heirloom quality quilt that is machine washable and will last. The Amish have perfected their technique and continue to hand make their beautiful country quilts using the same old fashion methods they have used for generations. Using a handmade quilting frame Amish patchwork quilts are stitched straight through on both sides one stitch at a time. This makes the quilt extremely strong. Amish bed quilts are able to withstand wash after wash, without ever coming apart. Besides being used as a bedspread patchwork quilts are also going to be seen.  Besides being some of the highest quality longest lasting handmade cotton quilt blankets you can buy Amish patchwork quilts are also some of the most artistic.

Amish patchwork quilts are known for their beautiful country designs. Each quilt is handmade so not only is it beautiful it is also unique. No other quilt will ever be the exact same as the one you buy.  Between their artistic vintage patchwork patterns and the fact they last practically forever Amish quilts often become beloved family heirlooms that get passed down from one generation to the next.  Whether used a bedspread or put on the back of a couch or chair a beautiful handmade Amish cotton quilt will look amazing and add a vintage country touch to the decor. They are truly one of kind pieces of art that you will treasure.

The other great thing about Amish bed quilts is while they maybe more expensive than machine quilted cotton blankets they are less expensive than other handmade quilts of similar quality and beautiful vintage patchwork patterns. The Amish are humble people that do not live extravagant lifestyles. They want to be paid fairly for their time and work so that they and their families can survive, but that is all. This is rereflected in the sales price of their beautiful country quilts. When you compare the price of their heirloom quality quilts to other handmade quilts you will be amazed at how much more artistic and beautiful the country patchwork patterns are, how much stronger and better made they are as well as how much less their sale price is. Amish bed quilts are by far the most artistic, longest lasting and least expensive of any handmade cotton quilt you can buy. 

Here, we offer 100% authentic handmade Amish bed quilts for sale with beautiful traditional country patchwork designs.  I work directly with Amish families that I have built relationships with where we live here in Ohio.  The vintage heirloom quality Amish Quilts that you see for sale here are truly one of a kind and cannot be found or bought almost anywhere else.  Being an Online based Amish Decor store I do not have the operating costs of traditional business. I also work directly with the Amish without any middle man.  These savings are passed directly to you allowing us to offer beautiful handmade Amish cotton quilts for sale at the best possible prices. If you have any questions about any of our artistic handmade Amish bed quilts with vintage one of a kind country patchwork designs please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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